• Erykah Badu @ Massey Hall, Toronto...5/5

    7 May 2008, 01:07 by soulsupreme

    Erykah Badu last night what can say...? What a night! This was my second time seeing her since 2003 and let me just say she does not disappoint live if you never been. I don't think I ever seen a performer so comfortable in their own skin. Picture a ten piece band including a drummer, a bongo drummer and Ms. Badu with her mini-turntables, laptop and of course a thermos for her tea...lol

    When she's up there performing it's part jam session part directing traffic and everyone is in unison like they've been doing this forever. She starts the show of with cuts off the new album; Amerykahn Promise, The Healer and Me. When she performed she would take certain parts of the song and slow down the melody so you could catch the words for emphasis....'will I escape this vanity...or will keep smoking trees?' From there she took us back to 'Worldwide Underground' and performed Danger and then flipped on some Audio Two - Top Billin' (instrumental) chopped it, screwed it and somehow we were onto 'Master Teacher'. …