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  • Avatar for jamesfamous
    Sang that ish gurl! Sang it!!!
  • Avatar for saraonfire
    Love me some Badu!
  • Avatar for albdav7895
    This song will NEVER get old!
  • Avatar for judyviva
    epitome of neo soul
  • Avatar for Leon_Haardt
    Bag lady, U gon hurt Ur back draggin all them bags like that. I guess nobody ever told U how U must hold on 2 issue. One day all them bags gon. Get in Ur way Bag, ldy U gon. Miss Ur bus. U can't hurry up, cause U got too much stuff. When they see U comin they gon. Take off runnin from U. One day he gon. Say U crowdin my space. Sometimes it's hard, and we can't let go. If someone hurts U so bad inside and you can't deny it U can't slip by it. So where my garbage, bag lady. And what about the grocery, bag lady. I bet ya love could make it better Im talkin to my ucci bag ladies And what about my paper sack ladies I bet ya love could make it better What about my nickel bag ladies Light pack when ya pack ya bags ladies Bet ya love could make it better And what about my booty bag ladies And what about the cheap sack a babies Bet ya love could make it better What about the plastic bag ladies And my baby baggin mommas
  • Avatar for BlackSouljah
    "When they see you comin..... Niggaz take off runnin... From you, it's true, oh yes they do" LoL, Badu is so real wit it.
  • Avatar for lil_romane
    that's not Erykah thats Jill Scott Cd
  • Avatar for Lilyanne
    Erykah is amazing.
  • Avatar for a25dj
  • Avatar for 1Ems
    bag lady
  • Avatar for rastagroszeq
    Baduizm !!!!!!!!!! no 1 Rnb fame artist !!!!!! I love You MISS BADU
  • Avatar for mec1
    my 5,500 track .......... couldn't get any better than that.
  • Avatar for vaportrailmark
    Sang it ghurl....
  • Avatar for sebascangiano
    Truly a real artist!
  • Avatar for Rumpeline
    Call Tyrone :)
  • Avatar for yellowtime
    Erykah is and always will be on hit.
  • Avatar for rutendocampion
    this song is the bomb. keep it Miss B
  • Avatar for chachabrown
    one like u is yet to b born
  • Avatar for ListenLearnLove
    I said one day, all them bags, gon get in your Pack liiiight.
  • Avatar for bigal4444
    first time listener amazing voice so soulful & chilled
  • Avatar for evilpapa
  • Avatar for biannka
    feel like meltin`
  • Avatar for JA2
    Thoughtful & emotional lyrics as always from Ms Badu. Great song.


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