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There is more than one artist under this name:

1. Eru (born on December 25, 1982 in Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan) is a doujin artist who does arrangements for various games, visual novels, and more, such as Ragnarok Online, Touhou, CLANNAD, Kanon, or AIR. He's the leader of the doujin music circle Aether and goes by the pseudonym Aether_Eru when producing original compositions.

2. Eru is a hip-hop artist from the Los Angeles area in California. His quick delivery and fluid vocabulary makes him an impressive force for any who end up catching him at a show, or even in a back-alley freestyle battle. He currently resides in the United State's capitol.

3. Eru (이루, Iru) is the stage name for 조성현 (Jo Sung-Hyun). Born on July 5, 1983, Eru is the son of famous Korean singer 태진아 (Tae Jin Ah). He released his first album, Begin to Breathe, in 2005. Eru's second album, Level II, was released on September 28, 2006. His hobbies are playing the piano, singing, watching movies, and doing sports – he attended the Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA.

4. Eru is an Italian black metal act by Melkor.

5. Started in 1998, Eru is the experimental psychedelic solo music project of Michael Sintros from New Hampshire, USA. The eccentric project has amassed a large and varied body of material and remains active today. Instrumental strangeness with a unique aesthetic.

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