• Woody Herman Third Herd broadcast

    7 Aug 2008, 14:16 by Uhwelluh

    Kinda an overlooked period in Woody Herman's discography--found some swinging stuff as well as some misguided commercial attempts. Found out afterwards there was a cloudburst during "Singin' in the Rain."

    7/5/08 7pm - 9pm AZ time

    1- New Golden Wedding (1951)
    2- Cuban Holiday (1951)
    3- Hollywood Blues (1951)
    4- How High the Moon (1951 live w/Charlie Parker)
    5- Perdido (live)
    6- Lonesome Gal (live)
    7- Leo the Lion/Woodchopper's Ball (live)
    8- Harlem Nocturne (1952 w/David Rose)
    9- Singin' In the Rain (1952)
    10- Celestial Blues (1952)
    11- Sorry 'Bout the Whole Darn Thing (1953)
    12- Men From Mars (1953)
    13- Mother Goose Jumps (live)
    14- Hittin' the Bottle (1954)
    15- Beale St Blues (1954)
    16- Misty Morning (1954)
    17- Strange (1954)
    18- Kiss the Baby (1954)
    19- Long Long Night (1954)
    20- I'll See You In My Dreams (1954 w/Erroll Garner)
    21- I Remember Duke (1955)
    22- House of Bamboo (1955)
    23- Sentimental Journey (1955)
    24- Square Circle (1955)
  • Talk of the week

    26 Sep 2007, 04:11 by maledictu

    Hi everybody,

    the big new thing last week was the amazing album Post-war, by M. Ward. I don't know anything from this guy yet, but Post-war is enough to put him on top for a couple of weeks and in my top 50. It is surely one that will have a chance to get to my favorite albuns list. In this album M. Ward is capable of making great rock just by following the old recipe, writing good songs and putting a little bit of himself in the mix. Cool and powerfull, Post-war has some fantastic songs like Chinese Translation and Magic Trick, and is almost perfect. Do yourself a favor and check it out.

    Another very important name in the list was Dylan, but not for his music. Theme Time Radio Hour is back and the second sesson got start with a great show about the word "hello". Please help yourself with a copy from our great friend's site: http://dsp.vscht.cz/pavelka/TTRH/

    Cartola and Beto Guedes are just a couple of the brazilian artists that I'm adding to my digital music colletion…
  • Can you hear this streamable music? You may suffer from Theriolalia!

    19 Oct 2006, 03:19 by talking_animal

    Let me present Theriolalia, the Internet’s most debilitating musical syndrome. Are you yapping like a fox, roaring like a moose, barking like a kittycat? Listen to these ten streamable artists for temporary relief.

    Ranked in order of popularity on last.fm.Brazilian Girls (15,994 listeners). Enough with the “no Brazilians, one girl” crap. What matters is their new album feeds you the same kinds of beats, but grungier than the last record. Yum, and Sabine Sciubba keeps bleating in ten different languages. Don’t wait till she breaks out in Bamanakan or Dutch to buy a record of theirs; the 21st century Nana Mouskouri is singing now in a venue near you.Lyrics Born (12,110 listeners). From the Bay Area, Lyrics Born is some kind of drug for me. His Later That Day, from 2004, just changed my views on rap (not really, but it’s a nice thing to say). Big props to the nice lady at Music Emporium 286 Flatbush Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11217 718-638-0550, for turning me onto LB. …