• Dungeons and Dragons

    5 Sep 2006, 11:41 by innerbrat

    I like to compile fan soundtracks and playlists for my geeky pursuits. Don't ask - it's just something I find distracting.

    My current project is to put a soundtrack together for the 80s kids cartoon Dungeons and Dragons. And why not?

    I want the following things out of my soundtrack:
    - A mix of lyriced songs and instrumentals, resulting in a cohesive soundtrack that still covers the darker elements of the series as well as the fact that, y'know, it's a kid's cartoon.
    - At least two songs for each of the six heroes. One to fit their class, and one for their personality. I'd also like one from each group to be intrumental.
    - One song to represent each of Dungeon Master, Uni, Venger, Shadow Demon and Tiamat.
    - Space filled up with miscelleny about the world they're in, the team they work within, and the quest to find their way home.

    Hank: The Ranger
    Appointed the leader of the small group of adventurers, Hank possessess a magic bow that fires arrows of golden light. …