• Eric Clapton is the Greatest

    26 Dec 2006, 03:27 by adnanlastfm

    What can you say about Eric Clapton? His name was all across London in Grafitti at age 19, his first true band was the Yardbirds, he played uncredited on the Beatles' White Album and a lot of George Harrison's solo work, he was a founding member of Cream, who can only be named as equals to the Beatles, the Stones, and yes, the Experience. He created what is to this day considered one of the most original, heartbreaking, and honest albums ever in Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs, and he enjoys a successful solo career to this date, which has produced classic albums such as Unplugged, Slowhand, and 461 Ocean Boulevard, and is without a doubt one of the greatest live guitarists ever, even if all he does is stand still. In over 40 years of playing he has seldom used the same solo live for any song at any show, and still manages to create a magnificent solo each and every time. He uses a similar framework, but just imagine how many solos that comes to. …