• Eric Roche - She Drives Me Crazy

    28 Apr 2008, 20:40 by gungosh

    Just found another fingerstyle guitarist i remember from youtube. It's Eric Roche, and here's a nice clip called She Drives Me Crazy.
  • The three hundreds club

    25 Apr 2007, 22:02 by SoloBassSteve

    Well, a year and a half on from my 'two hundreds club' post, we're onto the three hundreds club...

    As a comparison, here's the previous list...

    Jonatha Brooke - 312
    Michael Manring - 261
    Kris Delmhorst - 243
    Julie Lee - 206
    Bill Frisell - 205
    Eric Roche - 205
    Rise Kagona - 202

    That was from Oct 2005.

    Here's the current list of artists with over 300 plays -

    Jonatha Brooke - 497
    Bruce Cockburn - 469
    Lobelia - 439
    Steve Lawson - 430
    Bill Frisell - 384
    Michael Manring - 380
    Kris Delmhorst - 368
    Prefab Sprout -346
    Juliet Turner - 311
    Eric Roche - 310

    Whos' new? Lobelia - fantastic singer/songwriter from the States that I toured with in Europe this March - we'll be recording together soon, and doing some dates in the US in May/June. She's fab.

    Prefab Sprout - a favourite of mine for many years, I tend to go through stages of listening to LOADS of them. Wonderful stuffs.

    Juliet Turner - amazing singer/songeriter from Northern Ireland, huge in Ireland, not as huge as she should be elsewhere. …
  • ACM Guitar School re-named in honour of Eric Roche

    2 Feb 2006, 01:17 by agbvv

    Eric Roche
    On Wednesday January 25th 2006 the Academy of Contemporary Music in Guildford, England re-named its Guitar School, of which Eric Roche was head for many years, the A.C.M Eric Roche School of Guitar. Eric was informed of the plans before his passing and was honoured that his philosophy of music and teaching would be preserved at the school for future generations of new musicians.

    We hear that a plaque in honour of Eric is also being erected in the Electric Theatre in Guildford, where Eric played many a memorable gig over the years.
  • New Eric Roche DVD & Album

    2 Feb 2006, 01:11 by agbvv

    Eric Roche
    From Eric's web site. Can't wait!

    New Eric Roche DVD and album in the pipeline

    Plans are currently being made for a new DVD of Eric's live performances. We know that many fans were especially touched by Eric's gigs. He was a true performer and his music had to be seen as well as heard. The new DVD should be available by the Summer so please keep an eye on this web site for further developments. Plans are also underway for a new album. Eric left a fantastic musical legacy behind that we know he would like to share. The album should be out by the end of this year.
  • The two hundreds club

    28 Oct 2005, 20:07 by SoloBassSteve

    Only a handful of artists have thus far reached 200 plays on my list, and it's quite a select gathering. As of just now, the list is -

    Jonatha Brooke - 312
    Michael Manring - 261
    Kris Delmhorst - 243
    Julie Lee - 206
    Bill Frisell - 205
    Eric Roche - 205
    Rise Kagona - 202

    Rise's entry is slightly misleading in that, while wonderful, I only played those tunes that much cos I was learning them for a gig...!

    The others are all perennial favourites - whatever else is going on in my music listening patterns at a time, each of those artists crops up on a fairly regular basis. When I've run out of 'new favourite albums' and 'the new sound' and 'cds to inspire some new ideas for my next album', I always come back to those albums that consistently take me to a better place. And so many of them are from those 6 artists.

    Julie Lee's 'Stillhouse Road' album is one of those records I'll never ever tire of - every track is sublime, every line sung with an incredible passion and commitment…
  • Eric Roche RIP

    8 Sep 2005, 16:18 by agbvv

    Eric Roche died on Tuesday 6th September 2005.
    He touched so many people in his life, not just with his extraordinary talent, but also with his wonderful spirit. He was a beautiful person and will be so dearly missed. The world is a poorer place for his passing.

    The sad news from his web site:
    Tragically, after suffering from cancer for more than a year, Eric Roche has now passed away.
    Eric's ‘dance with cancer’ had developed to such an extent that it became untreatable & it has now come to a graceful end.
    Eric died peacefully in his sleep on Tuesday 6th September 2005 with his wife by his side.
    Those of you who were fortunate enough to see Eric in action at one of his shows &/or to meet him personally, you will undoubtedly have been touched by his incredibly dynamic & moving performances; a consummate artist & a deeply spiritual man, one of the most genuine & inspirational people you are ever likely to meet.