• Long time no writing..

    14 Jul 2007, 00:25 by Anvilman

    Quite a while since I last blogged...

    Been to several festivals, such as Torenpop. Bettie Serveert was headlining, however they were somewhat disappointing this time. Seems like the magic is slowly fading. Luckily for me there was Do The Undo

    Anne Soldaat is showing that he really knows how to rock. During dinner time, in poor weather, he still managed to get people moving with his guitar pop&rock mix. Simple songwriting, catchy hooks, nothing spectacular but honest rock.

    Totally on the other side of spectrum, Frank Black was in Nijmegen last week and I could not skip this wonderful opportunity to check out his latest work. This man keeps re-inventing himself... starting as Black Francis, in the legendary Pixies, then solo as Frank Black with help from Eric Drew Feldman doing some very over-the-top guitar pop with some synths for good measure.
    Then there was Frank Black and the Catholics, where he went back to the roots of rock, doing live to two-track recordings, slide guitars, hammonds and the works.