• Milestone Tracks

    23 Dec 2011, 14:40 by MCredshift

  • "Stara du*a jesteś!"

    4 Jan 2007, 03:38 by consider_it

    I wiecie co? Stara du*ą to ja byłem od... uuu... od dawna! Tylko to ciało jakieś takie "niedopasowane"... Młode! ;)
    A teraz powolutku następuje synchronizacja mojej głowy z resztą ciała. Proces ten będzie pewnie długi... Poczekam.
    Tylko już nie wiem czy to ciało ciągnie do przodu, czy też głowa po prostu zaczyna się cofać?

    Wieczór więc zrobił się nostalgiczny, kiedy dołożymy do tego tęsknotę za kimś, kto jest daleko, a przy kim serce bije szybciej...

    Efekt tego wszystkiego był następujący:
    Chciałem być
    My Father's Eyes
    N'oubliez Jamais

  • The 20 Greatest Songs of the 20th Century

    11 Aug 2006, 05:12 by OthelloMT

    I've listened to alot of different kinds of music over time. There are good songs in every genre and there is crap in there too. So here is my (arbitrary) list of my favorite songs. These are not judged by popularity, nor by who wrote them, nor any of those other things. None of it should matter. A good song is a good song.

    So here goes, my list:

    20 - Wicked Game
    This is a slow crooner song by Isaak, who will probably be known better for that aweful showhe put his name to in the late '90s. But this is an awesome song. Soft, tropical and moody.

    19 - Master of Puppets
    famous to the point of infamy. Probably one of the best metal songs ever.

    18 - Just Dropped In To See What Condition My Condition Was In
    Yes, that's right, Kenny Rogers. Great song. It was a parody on psychadelia, but it ended up being awesome as a psychadelic song too. Kickass.

    17 - Fascination Street
    I couldn't have one of these lists without adding in a little something by The Cure. [album]Disintegration[/album], is, after all, "the greatest album ever". …
  • Songs to Close Your Eyes To

    17 Jul 2006, 01:04 by OthelloMT

    Some songs are so damn good they demand a listen in solitude. Some nights when I have trouble sleeping, I just load these babies on my iPod and listen away.

    Hands on the Bible
    Clubbed to Death
    I'm Not Driving Anymore
    Ava Adore
    Achilles' Last Stand
    High Hopes
    Mr. Crowley
    Burn the Evidence
    Mona Lisas And Mad Hatters
    My Father's Eyes
    Something Diabolical (shut up, this is a fucking good song ok?)
    Love Song
    Little Wing (sorry Jimi, but I like this one a little better; let your soul rest in peace)
    Smoke Baby
    All Along the Watchtower (The greatest poet of the 20th century + a guitar God gives you this)
    Hurt (even Reznor had to admit this version's better)
    Lux Aeterna (off of a little movie called 'Requiem for a Dream'...the credit goes to Ligeti btw)

    Feel free to add your own.
  • My Love/Hate Relationship with Techno

    28 Jun 2006, 20:38 by OthelloMT

    Go ahead, laugh if you want. Me, the twenty-year-old macho guy listening to techno and metal at the same time. Sounds absurd, right? Motorhead and DJ Tiesto don't mix.

    Well, when it comes to this style of music that on one hand annoys me to no end and on the other sticks in my head more than the lick from My Father's Eyes, I've got to say I love and hate it.

    Techno started for me with 9 PM. This song is a classic. For a long time I didn't know what it was, but I heard it and it was in my mind, on the edge of my tongue and it drove me nuts. And then I figured out what it was and now I have had some peace, heh.

    And, of course, there's The Prodigy. I first heard Breathe on MuchMusic (Canada's MTV) and I was hooked. That whole album, The Fat of the Land is brilliant. Funky Shit is exactly that - funky fucking shit. Love that song. I guess what I'm trying to say is the brand of techno-industrial that The Prodigy are peddling is the fucking shit.

  • 10,000

    28 Mar 2006, 00:28 by TheConfuzed1

    I hit 10,000 tracks played today. To tell you the truth, I had no idea that I listen to this much music!

    It's amazing how quickly it adds up, but it makes sense. I listen to music the same way that a lot of people watch TV. Besides listening at home, I let my laptop play beside me at work too.

    It's true that sometimes at work I get pulled away from the music, and it may play for a few songs without me sitting there, but most of the time, I catch it, and stop it if that is going to happen. Then again, many of the tracks that I play don't get counted either, due to my computers and iPod triggering the spam filter, so all in all, it's about right.

    As far as I can tell (tracks played in the margin = 10,003, third song down), my 10,000 milestone was My Father's Eyes.