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The Memory Of Trees (4:13)


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  • Mary Mary, quite contrary...
  • She really does her own accompanyment? Wow,...
  • This track has always been special to me ^^
  • @jes2cool All instruments by Enya... keyboard, piano, percussion. :)
  • Good Music to relax at the beach in Summertime
  • This song grows on me...
  • Dah da...da da da...
  • Your welcome Jem :-)
  • There's no mistaking Enya, thanks Carole:-))
  • This song makes me smile so much~
  • essa musica é linda!!!
  • This song is heaven. I know the title is The Memory of Trees, but I feel like I'm in heaven whilst listening to this. One of those songs you never get bored of and can listen to on loop.
  • Lovely relaxation...cool offf a rather busy day. Many thanks
  • pleasant, relaxful, sets laid back mood...lay back now, please
  • Her music gives voice to that which has none.
  • Another Enya tune ya just want to break out the tux and do a little three step waltz about the kitchen. Only problem is getting the **** cumberbund on without having it snap and putting someones eye out. Those cleaners shrank my tux. (really, honest)
  • I'm not knocking Enya's voice , but whoever does her electronics and accompanyment really deserves a bow. She's a great singer, but they really provide "the meat" which compliments her voice. Just my observation anyway.
  • Fantastica!!!
  • I truly love Enya. Listening on http://www.last.fm/listen/artist/Baya%2BMichaelson
  • incomparabile ..!!
  • her music is so beautiful
  • yeah,this is magical ,
  • Ah, nostalgia.
  • it sounds like she sings "wheelchair" xD
  • ..maravillosa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • when you go to heaven this one is one of the groups playing in the background
  • Wish the trees could speak
  • <3
  • I have alway enjoyed Enya music and have been listening to her since 2003 andI think she is terrific
  • Lovely!!!!!
  • A place of peace and rest. Working at the moment and calms me down and stops me hitting people !
  • Also, one of my favorites...
  • My Tree..on my horizon..without end....a harbor for my soul.. <3
  • My favourite Enya song. Reminds me of rainy forests in the morning.
  • tranquil
  • Bellisima, única!!!
  • Maravillosa!!!
  • really nice song , love it
  • Vibraciones de luz, elevan mi alma y mi espíritu es libre.
  • enya a melhor entre as melhores
  • Enya knows how to trigger the mind's eye. When I hear this, I am jogging in the rolling hills of Northern Ireland, and along the seaside of Portrush once again. Or I am in the quaking aspens of the Northern Adirondacks. I am suddenly home again, momentarily. Home is where your heart is and Enya, who is a great artist, touches the memory's soul.
  • Good music. Very calm.
  • I've listened to Enya since I was 9 and still love her music..this is beautiful :) one of the best songs I heard of her

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