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  1. Beyond Our Eyes is the Progressive Metalcore solo project of Zach Norman (Deathcalypse).
    To this date, he has released one EP (Fracture) and…

  2. Aerodyne Flex are a Progressive Metal band from Blue Springs, Missouri. Using elements from many inspirations in music today such as "Between the…

  3. Facebook

    Formed In: 2011
    Hometown Location: Orange County, California
    Genre: Progressive Metalcore/Metal/Experimental


  4. Hometown : Orlando, FL
    Members are :
    Nabeel Tarin : Guitar/Song Writer/Producer/Engineer
    Erik Pierce : Bass
    Tyler Kruckmeyer : Drums

  5. facebook | reverbnation
    Formed in: 2009
    Origins: Lyons, WI
    Genre: Progressive Metalcore | Deathcore | Metal
    Record Label: Pavement…

  6. Facebook
    Formed In: February 2012
    Hometown Location: St. Charles, MO
    Genre: Progressive Metalcore/Groove Metal/Melodic Hardcore…

  7. Ocean Within is a finnish four-piece progressive metalcore band, that was found in 2008. These young guys have practiced hard to find their own…

  8. bandcamp | facebook | twitter | youtube | tumblr | bigcartel
    Founded In: 2013
    Hometown: Vicenza, Italy
    Genre: Progressive Metalcore | Djent |…

  9. Abide is a Progressive Metal band from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. They released their new EP, SPECTRUMS, August 18th, 2012. Abide maintains a strong…

  10. Guardians is a five-piece group who formed in 2009 only as an afterthought. Recently they have been making their mark on Madison, Wisconsin where…

  11. We are Sentients from Cleveland, Ohio. Formed in the early winter of 2010, we have striven to always write the best music we are capable of,…

  12. From : O'Fallon Illinois

    Solo project from Griffin Piazza.

  13. Progressive Metal | Experimental Groove

    Hometown: Tromsø | Kåfjord | Norway

    Members: Stian Pedersen | Vocals
    Trym Nordmo | Vocals

  14. Life needs no explaining, only wonder. If all truths are eminent, the mind need not exist. Hailing from Orlando, Florida: the five headed ethereal…

  15. Aechoes is a fairly unique metalcore band that are looking for a label to release their album 'The Human Condition.'


  16. We Are The Illusion was formed in Hyvinkää/Suur-Loviisa in 2008.

    Teemu (VOX)
    Makku (GTR)
    Tipi (GTR)
    Iiro (SYNTH)
    Mikki (DRMS)…

  17. Hardcore / Progressive / Groove

    Hometown: Millersville, PA

    Members: Guitar- Eric Fletcher
    Bass- Eric Fletcher
    Vocals- Shae Portner


  18. Progressive metalcore from Melbourne, Australia.


    Realisations - 2011
    01 - Beauty
    02 - Modern Fortress
    03 - Control
    04 - The Light
    05 -…

  19. Transcend the Skies is a five piece Canadian band who strive to involve passion and meaning behind their music in one way or another. They…


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