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There are four bands and one beatmaker with this name.

1) Envision - A hip hop beatmaker from San Diego CA
2) Envision - A metal band from Milton Keynes, England
3) Envision - A hardcore band from Bellingham, WA, USA
4) Envision - A straight edge hardcore band from Halifax, NS Canada
5) Envision - A metal/hardcore band from Parma, Italy

1) Erich Olsen is Envision, a sample heavy producer from Massachusetts, now located in San Diego CA by way of Portland OR. Smooth, zoned out beats with hip hop roots. Influenced heavily by soul, hip hop, jazz, prog rock, punk rock, etc. Everything from Yes to Dilla. Share, Listen, Enjoy. It's free.

2) Envision is a metal band from Milton Keynes, England in the vein of bands such as Sikth, Architects, Fell Silent, Tesseract and Textures. They are renowned in the Milton Keynes area for their live performances.

Adam Rogers-Vocalist
Ben Marvin- Vocalist
Carl Ayers- Guitarist/Backup Vocalist
Matt Parisi-Guitarist/Backup Vocalist
Toby Simonds-Drummer
Craig How-Bassist


3) Envision plays hardcore with a heavy 90s influence ala Damnation AD, Harvest, and Disembodied.

Daniel - Vocals
John - Drums
Eric - Bass
Keith - Guitar
Alex - Guitar


4) Envision was formed in 1998 by Ian Hart and a gang of edge boys to create the first ever straight edge hardcore in halifax, nova scotia, canada. finally a band to sing along to and to mosh to and and to feel that straight edge pride! Envision self released a demo in 2000 and shared the stage with such bands as Propagandhi, Bane, Good Clean Fun, Gob, Choke and countless others. However, constant line up changes meant the band would never really take off. 2009 aims to be the year this band that seemingly just won't die will again attempt to X up their fists and hit the stage with their patented brand of positive hardcore. 902 HARDCORE GO!

Ian Vision - vocals
Murda - drums
Mitch - guitar
Ryanallen - bass


5 Envision formed in 1998 in Parma, Italy. They released the 'The Season Of Indifference' MCD on Next Sentence Records (Belgium) in 1999. During this time the band played metal/hardcore similar to bands like Arkangel and Morning Again. After the singer left and guitarist Busso took over vocal duties their first, and only, full-length 'Ecoillogical Babel' was released in 2002 on NoBrain Records. The musical direction had switched to a more modern metal approach with slight nu-metal influences.

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