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    20 Jul 2015, 13:56 by Colette_on_Fire

  • 2014 - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly (& The Other Fellows)

    6 Feb 2015, 00:47 by MATI9630

    It's that time of the year again, huh. Time to look back at the year that has just passed and see all it had to offer. It's also time of--
    Wait, no, it's February.
    Well, fuck.

    ...but I guess that's okay. Since has stopped displaying journal entries at artists' pages (well, they're there but well hidden - and come on, I don't know anybody who would actually look for them) and since I stopped being a somewhat active member of the community, my journals had a very limited range. And I know exactly one person who had demanded it (well, maybe up to three... but if you stumbled here by chance, that's cool), so is there an actual point of this?

    Probably not.

    Let's do it anyway.

    My rating scale is a bit fucked up as always. Therefore I decided to change the rules a bit. 7 (well, 8) categories, all clearly described. Simple as that. Oh, don't think of 'The Good' like 'well, it's alright, I guess'. It's more like 'holy shit, that's some good stuff'. …
  • Schattenkrieger Music Awards 2014

    24 Jan 2015, 09:54 by II666II

    1. Grindcore|Death Metal

    Loudblast - Burial Ground

    Уже который год при написании личного чарта я начинаю с этого стиля, не вижу смысла изменять общий порядок, а значит, начнем с него и в этот раз. Был ли ушедший год удачен на Death или около Death релизы? Я бы сказал, что скорее нет. Каких-то по-настоящему ярких, неординарных работ в жанре я не припомню, но, справедливости ради стоит отметить, что и в других жанрах найти что-то подобное не так-то и просто. Тем не менее, качественные релизы все же выходили. Не обошлось и без приятного сюрприза в виде альбома каверов от Milking the Goatmachine, на котором можно найти всем известные хиты 80-х (по большей части), такие как Ma Baker, Major Tom, Rebel Yell, Temple Of Love и другие. В подобном ключе вышел еще релиз Ten Masked Men, но ни в какое сравнение с Milking the Goatmachine он не идет. Что касается более серьезных работ, то здесь все те же имена, что и всегда, за исключением разве что победителей Loudblast
  • Brutal Assault 2014 Report (Česky)

    13 Aug 2014, 18:56 by Chirurg666

    BRUTAL ASSAULT 2014 - Report by Chirurg & Dantez
    Wed 6 Aug – Brutal Assault XIX

    !!! .S letošním reportem mi pomohl Dr-Danihell aka Dantez, takže kromě mých typických nesouvislých historek se můžete těšit na jeho pohled na věc. Snad se nám podaří prezentovat dvě odlišné perspektivy a také pokrýt větší počet vystupujících kapel. Mé články budou označeny jako [Chirurg] a Dantezovy jako [Dantez]; snad v tom nebude takový chaos. Také berte na vědomí, že formátovací možnosti nejsou úplně bůh-ví-co (takže mnohdy to bude vypadat jako zeď textu). Nicméně hurá do moře hrubek a hejtů!

    [Chirurg]: Jako vždy píšu report ob-rok (přísahám, že to nedělám schválně; vždycky do toho vleze nějaká komplikace jako třeba přetrhané vazy v kotníku), ale tentokrát natěšený a se zdravou nožkou vyrážím do Josefovské pevnosti pořádně prokotlit tento metalový svátek.

    [Dantez]: Tento report píšu na požádání Tomka. Nepovažuju se za někoho, kdo by měl právo soudit vystoupení. …
  • 2014

    16 May 2014, 22:43 by hahahahaydn

  • Seen Live!

    2 Mar 2014, 12:30 by Oscar1989

    A.J.K.S. - Bydgoszcz 2011
    Aborted - Nottingham 2012, Blastfest 2014
    Acid Drinkers - Bydgoszcz 2007 & 2010
    Agalloch - Brutal Assault 2015
    Airbourne - Nottingham 2010, Download 2013
    Akercocke - Nottingham 2010
    Alcest - London 2012, Brutal Assault 2013, London 2015
    Alice Cooper - London 2011
    Alfahanne - Blastfest 2015
    Amon Amarth - Download 2013, Brutal Assault 2014, Colchester 2015
    Amorphis - Brutal Assault 2013
    Anima Damnata - Kraków 2015
    Anthrax - Brutal Assault 2013
    Archgoat - Helsinki 2014, London 2015
    Arcturus - Brutal Assault 2015
    Artillery - Metalmania 2008
    Aspherium - Blastfest 2015
    Asphyx - Brutal Assault 2015
    At the Gates - London 2014, Blastfest 2015, Brutal Assault 2015
    Aura Noir - London 2015
    Averse Sefira - Nottingham 2008

    Baptism - Helsinki 2014
    Behemoth - Gdynia 2007, Brutal Assault 2013, London 2014 x 2
    Behexen - Helsinki 2014
    Belphegor - Brutal Assault 2013, Blastfest 2014, London 2015
    Besatt - Kraków 2015
    Binah - London 2014
    Biohazard - Brutal Assault 2013 & 2015
  • A Running Tally, Phaze IV: 2014

    9 Feb 2014, 00:39 by Bromadrosis

    For this edition, rather than a point system, I shall employ a new system that is intended simply to give a general impression of the quality of a release.
    If a release isn't rated yet, it just means I put it in the list so as not to forget to listen to and rate it later ;-)
    Obviously these ratings are coloured by personal taste, so, you know, chill out if I say something you like is the musical equivalent of horse manure. = Superb! Must hear for all open-minded music lovers = Good to very good, recommended to all fans of parent genre (e. …
  • 2014 Releases

    4 Jan 2014, 14:28 by Matti81

  • The ridiculous list of gigs I've attended

    18 Aug 2013, 14:42 by NecroZed

    This doesn't include the classical and jazz concerts, for no reason other than that I forgot and can't be bothered to renumber everything. A * denotes a band I played in.

    1 16/09/96 Jethro Tull -Sands Centre, Carlisle

    2 14/02/97 Suede + Mansun + Raissa -Sands Centre, Carlisle

    3 31/10/99 The Stranglers + Schindler - Sands Centre, Carlisle

    4 28/05/00 The Australian Pink Floyd - Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal

    5 15/07/00 Alice Cooper + 1 -City Hall, Newcastle

    6 19/07/00 Unknown Canadian bands -A field, Port Colborne

    7 08/09/00 Mel C + Tom Cat- Sands Centre, Carlisle

    8 27/09/00 Space + Shed 7 + The Bluetones + Animalhouse - Millennium Dome,London

    9 28/09/00 Bucks Fizz - The Venue, Canterbury

    10 28/10/00 Some industrial band - Slimelight, London

    11 09/01/01 Nearvana - The Venue, Canterbury

    12 ??/01/01 Some UKC bands - Keynes JCR, Canterbury

    13 18/01/01 The Eighties Experience - The Venue, Canterbury

    14 20/02/01 Some death metal bands - Studio 41, Canterbury
  • Doomed to death

    11 Aug 2013, 22:16 by uiterweerd

    Sat 27 Jul – Stonehenge 2013
    Of the 18 times this festival was organized previously, I have never been. From the moment I stepped onto the grounds, I knew this was going to be great. The atmosphere was incredibly relaxed. Due to the impending catastrophic weather, I went inside immediately and walked in on Funeral Whore. Solid death metal - a good start to the day. Obscenity were next, but they hardly made an impression on me I'm afraid. Outside, the recently reformed Dissect were playing and I managed to grab a few songs. They displayed a ferocious energy and I loved the enthousiasm of the lead singer. Many bands should take example. What happened afterwards is already a bit of a blur. Enthroned disappointed slightly, but this might be due to the fact that they were the only proper black metal band playing the festival. I think Exhumed were next, and I loved it, even though the live act is a bit silly, but at least they're setting themselves apart from all the other death/grind bands. …