• First Enslaved Album, Review and Impressions

    13 Jun 2006, 17:47 by ScarletGarden

    Enslaved - RUUN Review / Impressions

    RUUN is the first Enslaved that I listened. I want to share my first impressions with you. Here is the track list and my review :

    Track List
    1. Entroper
    A great opening track. It's mentions Opeth's Ghost Reveries tracks.

    2. Path to Vanir
    My first favorite track at the album. It starts amazing, and forces me to headbang.

    3. Fusion of Sense and Earth
    First I write "This track do not impress me so much.", but now I think its a great song, especially after 2:30 it drives me crazy..

    4. Ruun
    One of the greatest songs at the album. It deserve to be album title.
    Both clear and brutal vocals are great.

    5. Tides of Chaos
    A good named track I think but it's an average song at the album I think.

    6. Essence
    Yeahh, this is the song that impresses me so much. This one force me to write this journal entry. I think it's the greatest song at the album.

    Where is the essence in beast or scripture?