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  • Avatar for lakyrovany
  • Avatar for Syndicaidramon
    Dreamshade just released their new single and it is amazing! Must-listen for every fan of Modern Melodic Metal.
  • Avatar for Reppije
    New single (Fading Light) out!
  • Avatar for Fedor1995
    Альбом 2014 года просто охуителен!
  • Avatar for Sanity_Theorist
    Seconded, Zabri
  • Avatar for Zabri_again___
    after the disappointing Blood of Saints (for me), I thought I was done with this band. now I am glad I came across their new album only to find out how much they changed their style. they now sound like later Mercenary and they do it well :) I like it!
  • Avatar for Reppije
    Engel will be touring with Amaranthe and Santa Cruz from March 10th to April 9th. I've just added all the dates!
  • Avatar for ZottoThido
    Das neue Album ist mächtig geil
  • Avatar for antishape
  • Avatar for flori_hedig
    German review for the new album online at "Raven Kings" gets 6 out of 10!
  • Avatar for Meat_Wolf
    Amazing new record, mighty regards to Mikael Sehlin and his amazing vocals, he finally found a worthy band.
  • Avatar for Czarny_Lew
    Good one, also i prefer the new The Duskfall album with Magnus on vocals
  • Avatar for Sonnycz
    This album is the 1st one I like from this band. Great
  • Avatar for bloody72
    pozdrowienia ze Śląska dla fanów Engel
  • Avatar for Etedesco
    what a solid new album. i like it.
  • Avatar for ALVESTAM
    Awesome new vocalist. The album is amazing.
  • Avatar for Reppije
    Raven Kings is indeed available now! You can find it from Spotify and iTunes, among other places. :) There IS also a new music video, check it out!
  • Avatar for InFlames88ad
    Raven Kings is awesome. Im pretty adicted to the album atm
  • Avatar for illninodreadie
    Raven Kings is amazing!
  • Avatar for ScaryTundra
    New Engel is very great! Really enjoyed Raven Kings!
  • Avatar for Czarny_Lew
    Magnus has a new band by the way >
  • Avatar for fcukrock
    I hope that the new singer will be better than previous
  • Avatar for wortex
    The next release won´t be that good as the previous ones, when Magnus left...
  • Avatar for Maikyo
    The world needs more dubstep metal :3
  • Avatar for Musikberoende91
    Casket Closing & Propaganda, good old days! <3
  • Avatar for Lextasys
    Question Your Place & Frontline <3 <3 <3
  • Avatar for en-fisk
    Magnus Klavborn, Engel <3 getaway-10, sticky fingers-11
  • Avatar for Dommmmmmme
    'BREAKING NEWS!! We are sad to say that Magnus will not be a member of ENGEL anymore. We had a really good run and we will miss him very much. There is no hard feelings between ENGEL and Magnus and we parted ways as friends, carrying with us a lot of good times and awesome memories. ..... ' :((
  • Avatar for fredickErased
    how is Next Closed Door not on top? what an amazing song...
  • Avatar for 616thirteen
    so amazing in London last night!! the right mix of headbanging and dancing! loved it!! Magnus Klavborn is so sweet! reminds me of a teddy bear i just want to squish!! :3 lol ...616=13...
  • Avatar for Dommmmmmme
    Hab ne Karte für Köln übrig! Bei Interesse bitte anschreiben!
  • Avatar for CanWait
    нахуй было это дабстеп-говно делать?
  • Avatar for ilselilse
    You guys are fucking amazing live!
  • Avatar for SlySoul
  • Avatar for i3PointJ
    Hmmm, not sure why, but I'm really enjoying Blood of Saints. I don't think it matched Threnody, but still an awesome listen...
  • Avatar for KosTeT72RUS
    от это альбомище выпустили... вот это по красоте!!!)
  • Avatar for ds_one
    Needed a lot of time to grow on me and even after that the new album is lame and boring for me. Two maybe three songs might be enjoyable (not great tracks, though) but all in all very, very disappointing. After Question Your Place it was obvious Engel was putting more electronic stuff in it, which is fine with me (as long as it is not that sickness called dubstep) but they totally lost the focus when it comes to kick ass riffs, straight-in-your-face-rhythms/swing-your-goddamn-head-to-the-rhytm-sound as on their prior works like in For Those Who Will Resist, Roll The Dice, Propaganda, In Splendour and so on.. Really sad..
  • Avatar for Ariaxu
    waited for this album for so long... but i must say im really disappointed. I knew they're going to put some electronic mix but i guess this is too much, its just not my type of music. prefer the dark engel :(
  • Avatar for thenewreview
    We just posted our review of "Blood Of Saints" at Check it out!!!
  • Avatar for MachineAnimal
    So far Blood Of Saints sounds like the best album.. but I'm just getting into this band properly.
  • Avatar for Zabri_again___
    Absolute Design was good, Threnody was ok, this sucks
  • Avatar for Metalship_en
    The full live report of Engel in Tokyo is available here : Despite being rather static, the band knows how to stir a crowd. They play for the very first time live their new song “Frontline”, part of their upcoming album “Blood of Saints”
  • Avatar for metaltm-Pascal
    "Blood of Saints" Review:
  • Avatar for Deveianse
    Cash King is amazing <3
  • Avatar for pecegonha
    much better than Threnody
  • Avatar for Aru10
    as said, 3-4 great songs, the rest is nothing special, i expected something better from this album :(
  • Avatar for Meat_Wolf
    Blood of Saints is not as bad as I at first thought. The best thing about it is the groovy rhythmics, that's what Threnody severely lacked with multiple slow-paced boring tracks. The situation here is much better, 11 tracks, 38 mins, lots of drive and powerful, heavy guitar playing. In addition, there are some damn cool melodies and now even more guitar leads which I appreciate (despite the fact they sound totally like borrowed from Sounds of a Playground Fading :D). Even the stupid straightforward Frontline somehow gets to me. The problems are named Drama Queen and In Darkness, the first is just a Feed the Weak rip-off, the second features half killer, half fucking crap chorus, it bugs me like hell. On the brighter side, One Good Thing, Down to Nothing, Numb and especially Cash King (!!!) sound great. Cash King features a fucking solo massacre. Why not to play like that more, Engel guys?!
  • Avatar for ASTAROTH1349
    yes...just as i suspected.this sucks ass!
  • Avatar for Rysinho
    новый альбом - дикий слив
  • Avatar for simon91hollnich
    new record is fuckin awesome!


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