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  • Avatar for ikuvshinof
    Кроме Cafe del Mare у них нечего нет?
  • Avatar for glimworm1maar
    The best remix is the Kid Paul Remix. Definitely!
  • Avatar for Borbus
    I wonder if all these people are really listening to Café del Mar, or the much more well known Three N One remix?
  • Avatar for Embryonicboy
  • Avatar for julioyam
    1 song 737.083 plays
  • Avatar for virgilio9
    The three n one mix is decent really, best mixes for me are the original DJ Kid Paul mix and the Peace mix.
  • Avatar for afrimu
    The inspiration came from this great '82 piece: Wim Mertens - Struggle For Pleasure
  • Avatar for Maxumusss
  • Avatar for Glampers
    The Hybrid mix is not junk.
  • Avatar for almerindo_lana
    all these house remixes are pure junk, destroying the original one
  • Avatar for euey88
    villalobos remix! so easy to hate on first listen, but that groove is mesmerising...
  • Avatar for Shponglation
    I prefer every track and remix:)
  • Avatar for RiazorBlues
    Deadmau5 remix !..
  • Avatar for Clashfox
    best track ever [2]
  • Avatar for allall1987
    Cafe Del Mar (Dabruck & Klein Private Bootleg Mix) My favorite track. ^^ Zapraszam do grupy: [group]Life In Space[/group]
  • Avatar for LosMackos
    Maybe cafe del mar is their best (and one widely known) mix but you all have to remember that the base music comes from SFX - Reaching Out. SFX is now called Astral Projection. The music was created somewhere at the beginning of nineties...
  • Avatar for feversa
    Nalin & Kane remix for me...
  • Avatar for Dan1_Filth
    Dabruck and Klein remix !
  • Avatar for snobberry
    the deadmau5 remix is hillarious, I just cant take it seriously [2] <-- Exactly my sentiment, all these hipster kids going, OMG DEADMAU5 <3 <3 <3. Hell no.
  • Avatar for djnitride
    the deadmau5 remix is hillarious, I just cant take it seriously
  • Avatar for thatsyourlast
    The best trance track of all time... a benchmark in history
  • Avatar for aineb
    Café Del Mar
  • Avatar for Ph1lter
    Raul Rincon Remix is the the best out of all of them
  • Avatar for adz_
  • Avatar for XDanielX
    me goes for the marco v remix
  • Avatar for ionboy
    Deadmau5 remix is the the best out of all of them
  • Avatar for subliminal_aura
    why did they only last on track? ive always wondered what else they could of produce. cafe del mar is one of (in my top 5) the best dance tracks ever,
  • Avatar for kruk
    the essence of trance. captivating, narcotic, P-U-R-E bliss....
  • Avatar for jagodniq
    Battery of gr8 energy !
  • Avatar for palomapinks
    Cafe Del Mar- Energy 52 vs Shakedown <333
  • Avatar for Addicted2Melody
    @Shponglation - If you consider yourself a real fan of trance you must own at least one version of this track,,, it should be the law!
  • Avatar for Shponglation
    Every Trance collector should have this song in the library.
  • Avatar for Sound_Rainbow
    Yes, this track is one of my favourites in absolute! This is history of trance music!
  • Avatar for raylax
    Cafe Del Mar will still be loved (and of course remixed ...) in hundred years!
  • Avatar for valdemarkis
    Classic of trance
  • Avatar for Addicted2Melody
    No melody better encapsulates the spirit of Ibiza. And there's no place I'd rather be at any moment in time than the shores of that island... gazing upon that golden sunset. It's pure euphoria, pure awe.
  • Avatar for Dekkul
    hahaha bugdone =)
  • Avatar for alloneword77
    Three N One > Hybrid > Michael Woods > Kid Paul
  • Avatar for usingyourworlds
    <3 The Three N One mix, one of the best dance tracks ever. Didn't know until today that it was based on Wim Mertens’ Struggle For Pleasure until I read it on here - immediately downloaded that too, so great.
  • Avatar for DajoSugar
    Cafe Del Mare is one of the best musics of trance of ever... !""!
  • Avatar for djjoeChelin
    Cafe del Mar (DJ Kid Paul Mix) is one of the best remixes I've heard in all times. It keeps the original composition chords untouched, and add's an excelent collection of new landscapes which remind the paradise of the 90's era.
  • Avatar for bugdone
    the video is retarded
  • Avatar for davencero
    incredible, this song never gets older. It still sounds fresh to me, but it's 15 years old!!!
  • Avatar for DEISIS74
  • Avatar for TheRealFJ
  • Avatar for isaul
    cafe del mar (Hybrid's time traveler remix)
  • Avatar for smallred
    Guaranteed to get the crowd going, no matter where you play it :)
  • Avatar for CobaltGreen
    possibly one of the greatest trance tracks ever!
  • Avatar for ginogigiki
    classic tune !!!
  • Avatar for Heliosphaner
    i do not listen to trance music but three n one remix is still so amazing as it was 11 years ago :)


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