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There are at least two artists using the name Emy:

1. An Egyptian singer and actress.
2. An Irish singer.

1. Emy Salem is an Egyptian singer and actress.

Emy was born in Alexandria, Egypt, an only child, then moved with her mother to London, England, where she lived and studied from primary school (where she started singing, dancing, and acting) until she graduated from London Westminister University (majoring in marketing). She also learnt to dance to a professional level in hip-hop and street-dance.

She travelled to Egypt in 1999, first living in Alexandria for three years, working as a designer for websites, CDs, etc. A bout of depression lef to her travelling to Cairo on holiday, but she stayed on and made her home there. She went into modelling, and this led to her being offered a part in the film Kalem Mama. During filming, in 2002, she was offered parts in three television series: Ams La Yamout, El Leil w Akhro, and Hekayat Zog Moaser.

At the end of 2003 and beginning of 2004, her mother convinced her to start singing, and produced Emy’s first song and video, "Naseeni". The song wasn't very successful, but was followed by "Baasha Kelmet La", released in 2004, which made her name. On the 25th January 2005 Emy released her first album, Bashaa Kelmet La.

In March 2006 she was offered a role in a play called "En Keber Ebnak", which she took on while alsowhile filming an historical drama series called "El Zaher Baibars"

Emy then signed on to make two films at the same time: Kamel El Awsaf and Matigi Noros, both released in 2006. She also appeared in a series in 2006: Welad El Shaware. In February 2007 she started a new series called Kadeyet Nasab.

2. Emy Onyesoh is an Irish urban-electro singer-songwriter. His first official release is "FML".

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