• Everybody loves recommendations

    28 Nov 2008, 00:24 by Kapitankraut

    1. Najwa Karam - "Ya Donya"
    We begin with some Arabic pop. Najwa's never been one of my favourite performers, but this showcases a pretty strong voice. Still, I wouldn't say no to something more up-tempo and fun.

    2. Yalın - "Sen Dönmedem Uyumam Bu Gece"
    From Lebanon to Turkey, where this young man is singing a rather sappy-sounding ballad. He has a very nice voice, but again I prefer my Middle Eastern music to be more up-tempo and fun to listen to. Still, someone to look into a bit more, I think. More Turkish music never goes to waste.

    3. Emre Altuğ - "Dudak Dudaga"
    We're still in Turkey, and this is a much dancier number, so I've got my wish. Emre's voice isn't so great, but he's got a good beat underneath him, and the song's pretty darn catchy. Not enough to unseat my Big Three (Kenan, Tarkan and Mustafa), but he's got potential.

    4. Wedard - "Im Lichtsrausche der Eisblume"
    And just like that, we switch to some depressive-sounding black metal. …
  • MTV Turkey - Best Turkish act!Vote Now!

    10 Oct 2007, 12:29 by Sp-Ice-Lord

    MTV Turkey will award the best turkish act for the first time!This is gonna happen this November in Munich,Germany!

    Vote Nil Karaibrahimgil!Turkeys different,radical pop star!The talented young lady who has the most chances to break through the international pop scene among todays turkish music stars due to her originality in international terms!

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