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  1. Origin:
    The band was formed by Karmaged January 20, 2004 in Chernihiv (Ukraine) under the name "Enslate", the musical material began appearing in…

  2. Origin: Donetsk
    Musical genres: Black Metal, Rock

    Year formed: 2004

    2008 - Demo
    2010 - Complaint of Dying Years (split with…

  3. Desolate Soul is a Estonian depressive black metal band, formed in 2007 by 'Deathrow'. Currently, the band has released a demo and participated in…

  4. Aisuragua
    Journey Through Misery And Desolation
    GENRE:Depressive Black Metal Ambient

  5. The Vhernen project was founded in May 2006.
    Vhernen play harsh, depressive, twisted and oppressive Funeral Black exclusively!
    At the beginning…

  6. Taarma is a one-man depressive black metal project from Zhob, Balochistan, a landlocked region between Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iran. The…

  7. Antropophobia are a one man black metal act from Russia created by Dmitry Konovalov.

    Antropophobia meaning a fear of people, is a one man band…

  8. Ordo Templi Orientis – belarusian band, created in 2004 by Gesmas Lvcen Waarg (aka Asmodey Nahema, also known by his Grieved Sometime Valley,…

  9. Location: Firenze, Italy

    Life Unfair has released 'Sorrow' & "Lost Inside my Solitude" and it is available for download on this page.

  10. Atmospheric black metal from Cheboksary, Russia.

  11. Depressive black metal from Germany.Country of origin:Germany
    Location:Freudental, Baden-Württemberg
    Year of…

  12. Depressive Black Metal
    from United States of America
    Lyric: Relationships, Suicide, Mental Disorders

  13. Endless Sorrow is a depressive black metal band, formed by Skeg (Tasmania) and Surtur (Belgium) in 2009. The band signed with Self Mutilation…

  14. Inexistenz is a Slovenian one-man band, formed in 2010.

    The purpose of the band is to present it's former's perception of life, existence and the…

  15. Features members of Njiqahdda and Oaks of Bethel.

    2009 - Among Castles and Thrones...We Are Forgotten (EP)

  16. Depressive Black Metal / Ambient
    Location: France/Italy
    Members - P. guitar drum programing, Letaliis vocal lyrics, Lyrical theme(s): Depression,…

  17. Depressive black metal from Finland, formed in 2005. Currently composed of only 1 bandmember, Noxifer, who handles both the vocals and instruments…

  18. Occoult Raas is a russian black metal band

  19. Depressive black metal from Hesse, Germany, formed in 2005 by { }. In 2007 the demo "Alleinsein" was released, limited to 200 copies. Two years…


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