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  • Avatar for Reirun
    Someone said he's imaging himself skydiving to that track, for me it's a ride on a bike through poorly lit road.
  • Avatar for PJVargy
    Hearing some similarities to Bonnie Raitt's - I Can't Make You Love Me
  • Avatar for XanaPhysaliidae
    Gets me pumped up, for some reason!
  • Avatar for deanverhey
    Their best song by far.
  • Avatar for JerryZola25
    nice one
  • Avatar for hyshameless
  • Avatar for StarfishSeastar
  • Avatar for Nish_Imth
    This song rocks my ass off I always imagine myself skydiving to this track
  • Avatar for Narache
    Having a tiger at my side right now! Great song.
  • Avatar for Chikara312
    this song kicks my ass [2]
  • Avatar for Omhy
    Ох, какой неожиданный взрывной позитив!!!
  • Avatar for xBouboulex
    Definitely their best song, I can't stop listening to it!
  • Avatar for PrimeElement
    Definitely my favorite song from the album
  • Avatar for cloudblood84
    this song kicks my ass
  • Avatar for dickhead199
    completely genious
  • Avatar for londonplz
  • Avatar for Kylanok
    A breath of fresh air
  • Avatar for Aimmo
    great beatz
  • Avatar for itsamusical
    this is their best song i love it
  • Avatar for ThePringles
    Awesome song! The beat and the vocals are just genius!
  • Avatar for preeeminent
    Us Tour, PLEASE?!!!
  • Avatar for swan88
    Gorgeous band,gorgeous music...
  • Avatar for LindaOuk
    They remind me of 69eyes. They are good!
  • Avatar for Papoot
  • Avatar for sol23
    love their vocals. i wish they'd come to the u.s. and tour.
  • Avatar for JupiterGirl01
    ugghh, luv the vocals! luv the beat! its like sp00ky sex :)
  • Avatar for DoomeyDoomey
    I no shouty for this song? That is a crime I tell ye!
  • Avatar for chicho1983
    Great band!!
  • Avatar for Timmos
  • Avatar for MaceVentura
    reminds me of Wolf Parade. Me likey.
  • Avatar for lasskrachen
  • Avatar for spinnakerboy
  • Avatar for fransea
    awe love it!
  • Avatar for Mountain_Man
    I've been listening to this song for months and it still literally sends my brain squirting out my ears every time I listen to it. It's starting to get quite frustrating actually. The clean up is not fun.
  • Avatar for Fiebsen
    <3³ -dance...
  • Avatar for likufanele2001
    How I love the chorus... specially the Tokio part!
  • Avatar for electriklights
  • Avatar for jamcatella
    fave track of theirs, blinding
  • Avatar for leidyd
    fucking good
  • Avatar for justchio
    great song!
  • Avatar for tehrikkit
  • Avatar for stumblor
  • Avatar for selevantadai
  • Avatar for Kimontoast
    his voice is a tiny bit similar to the Kooks front man - just a totally different type of music. Its great!
  • Avatar for BalladBombs
    amazing new discovery!!
  • Avatar for corky64
    Great track....<3
  • Avatar for dogpark
    simple amazing
  • Avatar for razorvett
    <3 @ 2:07
  • Avatar for Traces23
    This is easily one of the best songs on the album. enjoytheflames, just google it lol.


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