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  • Avatar for Dekator
    Great. It means "opus (work) dedicated to Satan".
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  • Avatar for AbyssmalMonk
  • Avatar for abunono
    Chciałbym do ciebie zadzwonić. Hello, hello, to Bear. BrummBrumm, jestem na wakacjach i tęsknię bardzo.
  • Avatar for ZelosWilder88
    Very regal and mejestic
  • Avatar for Raidanzoup
    This is what majestic sounds like.
  • Avatar for MentallyDead
    Seriously... show me a composition that sounds more majestic than this ?
  • Avatar for UrbaneScorpion
    Uh, Razor, this song is a symphonic version of Inno. Something strange would have to happen for it to not be similar.
  • Avatar for Snutskallar
    I love this song to pieces, but whenever it plays I always hear an orc peon yell "They're destroying our village!"
  • Avatar for Razor745
    LOL@the 'rpg music ' tag. Who cares, this version is fucking brilliant. Especially the outro, it's just as mind-blowing as Inno A Satana.
  • Avatar for xsamx
    Alright, I tracked it down, and I think it's closest to this Warcraft 2 song: - the epic choir section in the middle of each are fairly similar.
  • Avatar for RedneckStomp
    Perfect album closer.
  • Avatar for amorodioamor93
    Beautifully Epic!
  • Avatar for Gemfyre
    I first heard this around the time of the Nagano Winter Olympics and ever since have thought it would be an awesome tune for a figure skating routine.
  • Avatar for Schander
    Epic beyond words. [666]
  • Avatar for ghoullord
    Epic beyond words.
  • Avatar for BlackProject
  • Avatar for Aethe
    I used to play the shit out of Warcraft 2, but this song doesn't sound familiar at all. Damnit, now I've gotta replay it; if this is indeed a track from it, well, Warcraft 2 just became one of the most metal games in existence.
  • Avatar for anasviking
  • Avatar for jimmy_morris
    TENGO EL ALBUM, ESTA DE LA PUTA MARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for Metalkid666
    Forever and ever : the black Metal band , the one!
  • Avatar for xsamx
    Finally, somebody agrees this sounds like the Warcraft 2 soundtrack! I'm going to nail down which song.
  • Avatar for Snutskallar
    Totally agree with Dukey42. Definitely off Warcraft, definitely still fucking great.
  • Avatar for dukey42
    surely sound like a warcraft soundtrack... and this is fucking great :)
  • Avatar for HUANSOAHN
    those were good times when black metal used to be good
  • Avatar for Tekufah
    Yeah, Wing Commander 3. Or Warcraft 2. Sounds a LOT like the music in Warcraft. METAL!
  • Avatar for Forsaken-03
    Oh, cool track!
  • Avatar for wargoat_warznak
    It doesn't get any better than Emperor.
  • Avatar for oscarmuniverdug
  • Avatar for CAINAMDEAD
  • Avatar for TURDF3RGUSON
    love emperor, but this honestly sounds like it belongs in Wing Commander 3.
  • Avatar for deathwielder
  • Avatar for theceri
    Their music is almost exeptionlessly good
  • Avatar for john_vy_
    great track
  • Avatar for mookii
  • Avatar for trutteli
    atmospherically epic masterpiece
  • Avatar for mauriciohurt
  • Avatar for necromantic666
    cesarz \m/
  • Avatar for Obscurity
    Me too, Wooshmeister.
  • Avatar for hertsi
    Epic. Not a better word to describe this.
  • Avatar for SWCHNO
    how come classic attempts of BM bands always sound so funny?
  • Avatar for WeihnachtsWolf
    This Song is awesome
  • Avatar for foralltits

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