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Emocapella (a portmanteau of emo and a cappella, though intentionally misspelled) is a critically-acclaimed all-male collegiate a cappella at the George Washington University. Emocapella was founded in in 2001 by Eric Denman and Dan Riesser, GW sophomores at the time, who wanted to form a group that purposefully deviated from traditional a cappella.

Emocapella is known for their atypically energetic shows rich with rock jumps and comedy and is credited with inventing a performance technique known as "Guerillacapella."

Guerillacapella is a style of a cappella singing focusing on impromptu concerts, typically on a college campus, designed to attract fans that would not normally be found at traditional a cappella concerts. The performance style is named after Guerrilla Warfare, a method of asymmetric fighting typically categorized by small, mobile groups, which use the element of surprise to ambush their enemies. Emocapella has been most prominently credited with adapting the tactic to musical performances

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