• New ridiculous music survey quiz thingie!

    27 Oct 2006, 19:35 by rtreynor

    I've decided to make my own. This is the template. Feel free to waste hard disc space at by copying and pasting this into your own blog and filling it up with your answers and stuff..

    1. List your top ten artists from last week, number them in importance from 1 to 10. We will be referring to these numbers later

    2. What is your favorite of these bands that begins with, or has a, vowel in it?

    3. Of all of the bands with vowels in their names, which has done a song that you really really hate? What song?

    4. Which band are you most embarrased about having in your top 10 for last week?

    5. Which band is the most emo?*
    *(since the meaning of the term seems to be disputed, for this survey "emo" shall mean "resembling comedian Emo Philips.")

    6. What was the 203 song you ever heard by group #7?

    7. Where were you when you heard about group #2, and what happened with them and Paris Hilton at a night club in Las Vegas?

    8. How many letter "H"s appear in your top 10 bands?
  • Emo is lost

    21 Jul 2006, 20:50 by eighthrs

    Today, July, is the day I will build emo radio and I will see about it. Just wanna check it out a bit ya know? See how it makes me feel. See if I like it. I'm all for checking on things. Me. Thats who.

    The idea is to update this post with the bands & song as they're played, and the-like or the-not-like as it occurs.

    Looking like this: [*track artist =emo person] emo song [/track]: Yes/No

    Alright, here we go:

    To the End : No.
    Existentialism On Prom Night : No. kinda like that track title though
    Pyramid Song Sure. It's ok. But., thats not emo. right?

    Hmmm....Well Damn you emo! I guess I'll let radiohead play a minute.

    In the meanwhile,
    You know what is good emo? Emo Phillips. That's what. Well at least, it was when I was about 16 or so. Around then it used to be the funniest shit in the world. Also good: Whoever tagged this Radiohead song as emo. You've really done me a favour here today. I dont even want to listen to Radiohead but man that emo was about to…