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  • Avatar for dzelei
    More people should know about her... "Drive" and "Focus" are great, and the album as a whole is really really good...
  • Avatar for amtb
    I love her!!
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  • Avatar for DawidManU10
    DRIVE !!! I love this song, this voice !! This is great hit!
  • Avatar for hunkydoris
    she's nice, but i can't believe she had the courage to cover Falling Slowly - this song is one of those that should be protected by law from being covered, the original is just too perfect
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  • Avatar for NicholasGin
    Drive is mine ^^
  • Avatar for CuVeRzY
    She is great. Unbelievable talent.
  • Avatar for dizzydjc
    this day is mine <3
  • Avatar for manxmaid
    Must Be The Music was a FAR better 'talent show' than X-Factor and Emma was a show-stopper. Enjoying the new album.
  • Avatar for Maacciej
    Focus <3
  • Avatar for Pawele18
    I fell in love with her <3 [6]
  • Avatar for Aicnell
    I fell in love with her <3 [5]
  • Avatar for emmkitt
    I fell in love with her <3 [4]
  • Avatar for HectorOmarRoman
    I fell in love with her <3 [3]
  • Avatar for iheartnate
    pretty good。。。。。
  • Avatar for NotNaked
    her songs are magical
  • Avatar for dziobak_
    I fell in love with her <3 [2]
  • Avatar for lansbeybee
    I fell in love with her <3
  • Avatar for candysugardandy
    The Album Is AMAZING !!!! Keep and Drive are beautiful ! Gave me tripple body orgasms lol
  • Avatar for raphaelvalente
    Love the album so much!
  • Avatar for Shinigami93
    she wrote all the songs on the album except 'falling slowly' and 'drive'; i had no idea until now that drive is also cover (see [track artist=Glen Hansard & Markéta Irglová]Falling Slowly[/track] and [track artist=bic runga]drive[/track])
  • Avatar for liamisthinking
    does anyone have writing credits? or are all songs written by herself..?
  • Avatar for bossuetfas
    TENDERNESS. Love this kind of voice!
  • Avatar for rebecaayeah
    Falling Slowly <3 think i'm going to be making an unexpected trip to hmv tommorrow to get this gal's debut album..
  • Avatar for Crazytowel
    Drive is stunning!
  • Avatar for nonelikeme
    Good debut album.
  • Avatar for Shinigami93
    keep is my favourite from the unheard tracks <3
  • Avatar for davidn87
    Loving the new album <3 [x2]
  • Avatar for fob_07
    Loving the new album <3
  • Avatar for Murray3179
    Just a great singer
  • Avatar for CChurchMusic
    Check out her new sites for moreinfo and a free mp3 download:!/ems_imagination
  • Avatar for nonelikeme
    Anyone has full version of "This Day"?
  • Avatar for Shinigami93
    The album "Stand Still" will be released 10th Jan, and the single "This day" will be available 2nd Jan // yes!!
  • Avatar for adame_
    Album will be ready for January apparently, really excited for this! :)
  • Avatar for SteRDLK
    Sounds like a cross between Chantal Kreviazuk and Lacey Mosley.
  • Avatar for Shinigami93
    i'm so happy for her and can't wait to hear more; everything about her is beautiful
  • Avatar for Moosheep97
    she won :D and i love this day.<3
  • Avatar for Shinigami93
    the studio version of 'focus' will be brilliant, bring on the final ♥
  • Avatar for sophiesoph_
    Absolutely amazing.
  • Avatar for PrettySnaps
    Love u x
  • Avatar for TheNarratorX
    Loved her first audition. Focus is such a beautiful song, she's very talented. She should win.
  • Avatar for Dismantlerepair
    Finally some ACTUAL talent on one of these programmes. Away with the karaoke bull, in with the originality. Focus is gorgeous, I hope she wins.
  • Avatar for Dfects
  • Avatar for Theedgerob
    Simply fantastic.
  • Avatar for Shinigami93
    Awesome artist. Hopefully the bio will eventually say 'Won Sky 1's Must be the Music'. [2] I love her <3
  • Avatar for Goatie2k5
    Awesome artist. Hopefully the bio will eventually say 'Won Sky 1's Must be the Music'.

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