• New Mariah!

    17 juin 2009, 5h03m par Rayffle

    and I was like... why is he so obsessed with me?

    "Will the real Slim Shady, please stand up?"
    I mean... "Will the real MC please step to the mic?"


    So new Mariah single was released today... and it's hot! Each time I listen to it, it gets better... and apparently it's an Eminem diss!

    If you didn't know here's a little info...
    Eminem claimed he dated Mariah Carey for six/seven months and said it didn't work cuz she's too diva and he's more of a regular and he also said that he can't deny her talent but just don't like her as a person.
    Mariah on the other hand, denied they had something... she said they hung out and talked on the phone.... but she never dated him... and probably was with him a total of 4 times.

    I love when people bring beefs to music lol
    So far we had

    Round 1:
    Superman x Clown

    "and you know that I know, you're no superhero... I guess your mama never told you that wht goes around comes back around... pow!"
    Mariah wins!