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Emilie Autumn

Dead Is the New Alive (5:04)


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  • dead uuuia and ciaz
  • You play the game, you'll never win! <3
  • Dope Stars Inc remix >>> Album version. Such a rare case, when a remix beats the original... [52]
  • My favorite song of hers.
  • Dope Stars Inc remix >>> Album version. Such a rare case, when a remix beats the original...[2] And still both versions are amazing
  • Dope Stars Inc remix >>> Album version. Such a rare case, when a remix beats the original...
  • Prefer the remix that she performed on her last tour along with the fire acts *_* But if there was no orignal, there'd be no remix, so I love it <3
  • Very unique, first listen to this artist. Going to have to check out more.
  • Wow, haven't listened to her in a while
  • I can't wait to go see her next month!!!!!!
  • there isnt one song she does that i dont like i adore her shes everything i wish i could be :D
  • A quick taste of the poison/ A quick twist of the knife/ When the obsession with death/ The obsession with death/ Becomes a way of life <3
  • omg that double disc version is EPIC!
  • Her best song ever [3]
  • Her best song ever [2]
  • Her best song ever
  • this song is so very very good can anyone dislike it
  • Not my style at all but love it.
  • BOING!
  • <3
  • It's like an industrial Dresden Dolls and Imogen Heap. Neat.
  • Emilie ur Soo freekin HoTT:p
  • ahhh Emilie *sigh*. It's somewhat impossible to dislike anything she does.
  • the opheliac deluxe edition's version is soooooo beautiful
  • this sounds like Oingo Boingo remixed it, interesting!
  • lovely song:) i wanna play the violin:D
  • Misery Loves Company was my first one, but this made me fall in love with her. <3
  • <3
  • Choose your fate... love it <3
  • Emilie Autumn is a hero of mine. [2]
  • Pure industrial! And likely to dance to.
  • Love it to death ^^
  • Makes me feel alive ...love the vocals...a beautiful black rose to u Emilie!
  • There's this weird major high pitched back in the background which makes the song what she says. Ironic, Tongue In Cheek, Non-Depressing.
  • Oh no.... major /facepalm she doesn't know ANYTHING about the Goth subculture. Eeeeek.... I am so embarassed for her...still love her though.
  • why is there an interview? wtf
  • Marry me, EA?
  • Why I am I hearing an interview instead of the song? What is this?
  • love that song...
  • why don't girls like this exist in life any more.. bring back the goth woman !
  • Excellent track, actually it's doubly excellent
  • I still prefer the Manipulator Mix but the album version's pretty sweet, too.
  • I never used to like the album version... but now I actually have the album and am a much bigger fan of Emilie's music than I was before, I really really love this.
  • the sound is so awesome, and her voice is so dark, I love it.
  • this song is so... addictive!
  • @Kaleidotroph: Oh this is definitely a gothic anthem. It just happens to have a delicious sense of ironic self-awareness as an added bonus. Much like [track artist=bauhaus]bela lugosi's dead[/track] for instance... unless you'd argue *that's* not gothic either? =)
  • <3 . . . Good tagline for a chain of morticians. [2]


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