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  • Avatar for hukumusic
    Так хочу на концерт ее, пиздец <3
  • Avatar for tripna
  • Avatar for kipish-ryndina
  • Avatar for Anastaxia_Xylf
    She is saint, indeed
  • Avatar for OnTheFly
  • Avatar for darksunnnn
  • Avatar for alexa_selten
  • Avatar for Xieon
    Зашел, чтобы написать "Богиня", а уже написали.
  • Avatar for KrankkkHaft
    нихуя не святая, концерт отменила
  • Avatar for KocMoc-KiT
    эмика святая [13] завтра иду на концерт
  • Avatar for m2a1
  • Avatar for Pershin322
    эмика святая [12]
  • Avatar for Horst-Detlef
    Emika interview (in Swedish)
  • Avatar for Strjke
    эмика святая [11]
  • Avatar for subalien
    Emika, She wanted to make an 'Symphony' - album! kickstarter.
  • Avatar for juliandgomez
  • Avatar for Wait4noth1ng
    keeps me sane <3
  • Avatar for murochka6
    эмика святая [10]
  • Avatar for Dakota3131
  • Avatar for sestra_spaatel
    эмика святая [9]
  • Avatar for John_ny
    эмика святая [8]
  • Avatar for Maxagon
    Saint Emika [7] x)
  • Avatar for NastyaWentz
    эмика святая [6]
  • Avatar for Ana666ana
    эмика святая [5]
  • Avatar for Gidronique
    эмика святая [4]
  • Avatar for shiftandspace
    эмика святая [3]
  • Avatar for legacystarship
    I was pleasantly surprised by DREI (However everything Ema does is golden) so it goes as no surprise actually. Rache is soooooo good!
  • Avatar for kolossvonrhodos
    Дал бате послушать, понравилось [2]
  • Avatar for la__loca
    эмика святая [2]
  • Avatar for LabejaMaya
    the whispers de EMIKA - DREI
  • Avatar for DannyFar
    Дал бате послушать, понравилось
  • Avatar for eyerelated
    new album is fucking dope
  • Avatar for KocMoc-KiT
    эмика святая
  • Avatar for samarkand2004
    Like a lot the new LP too (here)! especially from 'Miracles' and ' What's the Cure?' - not just only multilayers and basic breaks like so many other only rythmics/souless electro 'squarepushing' thingies those days, but rediscovering also some kind of direct emotional meanings at the same time.. refreshing) Can only wish Emika will explore a little more that style.. she can do it too so! will follow that at least)
  • Avatar for ShuriK_Minsk
    HOLY FUCK DREI IS FUCKING UNBELIVABLE ALBUM!! Already on the 2nd place for me among this year's albums. After Jenny Death.
  • Avatar for P0pk1ller
    DREI збс вода!
  • Avatar for darakruna
  • Avatar for Daria_Silas
    DREI, слитый в инет ваще збс)
  • Avatar for Archfalling
  • Avatar for WhileUnbroken
    not satisfied with drei. dva was much interesting, deeper.
  • Avatar for fenice_boner
    drei is short but stunning
  • Avatar for slash_godhateme
    New song:
  • Avatar for MaruNunchak
    zunzmancer, you're absolutely right :((
  • Avatar for girlofdreams
  • Avatar for zunzmancer
    what are these songs?
  • Avatar for zunzmancer
    new album like a dildo(((
  • Avatar for ifitsnotnowWHEN
    Her new album is quite lovely and very unexpected. I love it. ^^
  • Avatar for KeithKokain
    Klavirni is so beautiful! Emika is amazing :D
  • Avatar for yarkypumypumy
    Dva is really growing on me.
  • Avatar for mavka-girl
    Melancholia Euphoria A & especially B are sooo good!


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