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  • New album grew on me and now it's one of the greats. I'm biased about these guys I
  • new album is business as usual for Emery but thats fine with me because i like the usual for Emery
  • Linking the brazillian version of the site is quite annoying for all that's not from Brazil, hehe. Just sayin'
  • Your new album is amazing! thank you for writing such inspired and inspiring music!
  • Rock, Pebble, Stone is phenomenal. I really love the direction they're going in with that song.
  • Love this new album. Got some The Question vibes here. Which is one of my alltime favorite albums
  • my love for them is growing each day!
  • emo is back
  • It's a middle of the road album. A couple great tracks, a couple bad ones. I'm just happy to have new Emery.
  • New album is very disappointing
  • best 4/20 ever
  • New album's way better than their last.
  • Amazing
  • Одно из лучших живых выступлений, которое когда-либо видел
  • Вроде ничего так...
  • ^_^
  • cutthroat collapse <3
  • Can't like these guys after discovering how homophobic they are.
  • Amazing band, they got this special atmosphere about their sound. Especially captured on The Question. Definitely their best album I think!
  • Gotta love them!
  • Some of the most fun at shows I've ever recalled has had these guys in the lineup!
  • I love it all!
  • They do, but different tags you know. Some have In Shallow Seas We Sail and some ...In Shallow Seas We Sail
  • wow... noone listens to In Shallow Seas...? embarassing...
  • Coal hill best hill, rock hill can't even get on our level, CHC coal hill crew don't you f*** wit us and get rekt, coal is even worth more than rock, making cash money dollars have fun selling rock, lel
  • Emery/Saosin/Copeland/Sleeping With Sirens/ Anberlin/ Fresno FANS CHECK OUT MY SOUND "Anchors In Sutjeska" :
  • It's such great news. I've never seen them live, and this will be the ideal time to do it.
  • Devon is returning for The Weak's End 10 year tour. If anyone still visits this page and is curious.
  • Saw them live tonight and got pics with a few of them. Kinda crazy that their playlist was most of the top 15 tracks from lastfm.
  • Now this is a good band right here. Almost every song is exploding with emotion and passion
  • the last christmas is awesome...just makes me happy!!!
  • Sensacional Emery!
  • The question, what a masterpiece!
  • VVV really doe?
  • I don't undesrtand the post-hardcore tag :-/
  • ex-frontman of Emery, Devin Shelton, has his solo album out now. Check it out:
  • nostalgia.
  • post-hardcore? может я чего-то не знаю, но песня Studying Politics - альтернатива максимум, разве нет?
  • In Shallow Seas We Sail may be the best post-hardcore album I've ever heard...
  • Fractions is such a good song
  • настолько убого, что блевать потянуло
  • Matt & Toby (Matt Carter and Toby Morell's side-project) new song and video here:
  • lol
  • Best band ever.
  • Pavora ,the best
  • Good show last night!


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