• this week's stats

    10 Feb 2006, 01:34 by telesilla

    So I guess I discovered the tag this week. Essentially I rediscovered this site about two weeks ago and, for the most part, I'm pretty pleased with the radio. Now if only I could get the player to work when I have Civ3 up. As it is, I've been suplementing with Live 365, which means that my stats are a little off. Still much with the softer side of goth, as it were.

    I've also rediscovered just how inspid most neo-pagan music is. I think I kind of tried to forget because really if the best we can do is Lady Isadora or Emerald Rose we're in trouble. Thank the Goddess for Libana. It's when you listen to mainstream artists that you realize just how much of a difference money and decent production values can be; one of my all time favorite pagan songs remains Hymn To Her. Decent writing, lovely singing, and good production values make all the difference.