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  • Avatar for Losted94
    amazing song.
  • Avatar for ArtSirens
    Emarosa, Brazil needs you. [4]
  • Avatar for Element_X
    I swear, 20 years from now, this song will be what The Beatles were to the hippies.
  • Avatar for And-Dr3
    this is a fucking masterpiece [3]
  • Avatar for HospyDS
    this is a fucking masterpiece
  • Avatar for anticlimactica
    Love the end, it's just pure passion. Sublime. [2]
  • Avatar for thekaakinater
    dgaf still love this song so much
  • Avatar for Warborn
    best ringtone ever
  • Avatar for Jojje94
    Love the end, it's just pure passion. Sublime.
  • Avatar for linepit
    And let hate save you when nothing else will.
  • Avatar for sfish521
    such an amazing opening to an album. from the first note jonny sings.
  • Avatar for R-Dixxon
  • Avatar for ca_milla
    Emarosa, Brazil needs you. [2]
  • Avatar for Sambring
    FOR ONCE, DON'T BE SO WEAK!Emarosa, Brazil needs you.Please, come to here soon as possible!
  • Avatar for FamousLastMCRmy
    Really gotta give these guys a listen, I enjoy this song, but for some reason tend to skip it without thinking =/ It is a great song though.
  • Avatar for vmd1020
    hate to admit it but this song is catchy (in the intro)
  • Avatar for T0xiCT3aRs
    tailored sheets to fit this dirty bed! xD<3
  • Avatar for Asking-Crayons
    this was the first song i heard by them
  • Avatar for tearsofpoison
    goodd "let hate save you, when NOTHINGGG ELSEEEEEEEE WILL!" favorite vocal ever!
  • Avatar for Stig3k
    HOLY SHIT!! New favourite band!!
  • Avatar for juliet10
  • Avatar for Ilith
    If I could love this song one million times, trust me, I would. It's like... SO much more than amazing. Speechless.
  • Avatar for Carterman2k9
    what a fucking amazing beginning to an album.
  • Avatar for TheMusicVamp
  • Avatar for arturferraro
  • Avatar for Blackshining
    the beginning is so energetic *_*
  • Avatar for guilheerme_
  • Avatar for wallflower18
    Johnny Craig is an amazing vocalist, and I enjoy this new Emarosa better than the old ^_^
  • Avatar for alex1029
    the best intro to an album
  • Avatar for cletus77
    Powerful song
  • Avatar for VictorDantee
    EPIC intro.
  • Avatar for AmazingAmizy
  • Avatar for SherlockObvious
    No wonder I thought the vocals sound like Dance Gavin Dance :O
  • Avatar for kriz805
    the intro makes the hair on ur balls stand upp
  • Avatar for stephbucc
    Oh man, that intro. lovelovelove.
  • Avatar for exneo002
    perfect <3
  • Avatar for Kortmansen
    yeah.. me and my friends are goin insane on listening to this song.. just amazing. Johnny is really an amazingly good vocalist..
  • Avatar for Flaeri
    This song has definitely grown on me. And the intro, so much emotion. Good stuff.
  • Avatar for xsiddx
    I love the intro :)
  • Avatar for MomoPopcorn
    The intro.. like everybody! ;D His voice is so epic!
  • Avatar for xxenxx
    intro, life moving <3
  • Avatar for savagesoldier
    the new emarosa sucks balls!!!! old emaorsa the best ever!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for disclaimed
    The intro...oh my god.
  • Avatar for jakeironmaiden
    Easily easily easilyyyy the best song on the album. The only other that comes close is Heads Or Tails? Real Or Not.
  • Avatar for HugeGoldAK47
    the most epic first 5 seconds to start off an album...[3] This track makes the album sound so promising... then it just gets repetitive. [3]
  • Avatar for Markle-tehe
    Best intro
  • Avatar for Samiiira
    i love it
  • Avatar for guilheerme_
  • Avatar for NickInChaos
    This intro is definitely amazing.
  • Avatar for vulgo_dark


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