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  • Avatar for Cali4nia83
    Smooth jam
  • Avatar for foobula
    sweet guitar solo
  • Avatar for Airwalker1990
    this song is fucking romantic and beaaaaautiful!! makes you wanna fall in love :)
  • Avatar for OLdirtyBacon
    Why is this his only song? So good.
  • Avatar for slean1
    Thank You, Star-Lord
  • Avatar for EzraTurner
    Guardians Of The Galaxy, thank you!
  • Avatar for HayleighRayment
    Fell in the summer I want to eat them for dinner if I want herd the kindle fire in my ear plugs in my jaded
  • Avatar for mylanger
    i love it :-)
  • Avatar for funkymonkey1980
    Yeah... I found this through Guardians too.... great song :)
  • Avatar for Cassandra-Leo
    I like how every single song that was in Guardians had like a twenty-fold increase in listeners within the course of a couple of months.
  • Avatar for WhiteMew
    This the most beautiful song in the story of ever.
  • Avatar for Z77
  • Avatar for ladysadeyes
    Great song, it sure happens to many people like the song says.
  • Avatar for tom_eskinc
    Versatile artist, very personable guy. Saw him a few years ago in Wlmsprt PA. Next he morning he walked into the continental breakfast at the hotel next door, grabbed his cheese danish, sat down and talked for half an hour, just like old friends
  • Avatar for gat67
    This is one of the most beautiful pop songs I've ever heard.
  • Avatar for pavskies
    Always been a favorite of mine.
  • Avatar for Oregon_Myst
    This is one song I'll always love and never forget. ♫ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♫
  • Avatar for StratkatBlue
    What a wonderful classic. It has always been a favorite of mine!
  • Avatar for Docwormburner
    Memories Of My Life
  • Avatar for Elyssyan
    Great Oldie...♥
  • Avatar for ladysadeyes
    Great song, great memories too.
  • Avatar for myheartforyou
    its got a hold of me !!!
  • Avatar for oldiesfanjohn
    Am hearing it live from "Live! Raisin' Hell" Mickey could always belt em out.
  • Avatar for rikrijean
  • Avatar for gat67
    Mickey sure can sing!
  • Avatar for hollyheer
    Real nice and mellow.....
  • Avatar for Eye_Gore
    I hated this song when it was first released, now I love it. Go figure...
  • Avatar for oldiesfanjohn
    "Elvin Bishop sittin' on a bale of hay. He ain't good lookin' but he sure can play" - Charlie Daniels circa 1975.
  • Avatar for vellozia
    comfort song.
  • Avatar for NYyankeeboi
    The is no longer made like this anymore...
  • Avatar for r-iman
    oh ya what a great song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for dluuu
    this is a cool song to dance &groove too with a special honey !!!!
  • Avatar for oldiesfanjohn
    @Oregom_Myst.. Lol,no problem,hun.. I got my anti-skid boots on this time..Drool away!
  • Avatar for Oregon_Myst
    @oldiesfanjohn...Oh gosh...looks like I still am, too! Sorry about that...but it truly IS a super awesome song! Does LFM need to put up caution signs for this song?
  • Avatar for r-iman
    what a great song
  • Avatar for CidaDuarteF
  • Avatar for hollyheer
    Im so glad I grew up when I did.. Best times ever :)
  • Avatar for oldiesfanjohn
    V..Ms Myst..LOL.You are droolin' all over the page..I slipped on the way in!
  • Avatar for Oregon_Myst
    Ohhh yaaaa! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
    i made it too 23 and this song and her got me
  • Avatar for Oregon_Myst
    This has to be one of my all-time most fave songs. Love, love, love it! And, yeah, John...Mickey is time trippin...
  • Avatar for oldiesfanjohn
    Time trippin` to the summer of 1976...The Wayback Machine,Mr Peabody!
  • Avatar for RogerLD18079
    God I even remember how old I was when this song came out :) Im 53 now I was 16 then LOL.
  • Avatar for dluuu
    several xs it is great !!!!
  • Avatar for pure51504real
    I 've been there , but never stayed with,guess I never will have that one & only one ...................shit !!! ( motley crue ) I'm to young to fall in love......53 is to young....60 sounds bout right happy 420's coming
  • Avatar for Watamelonmofo
    I fooled around and fell in love with this song.
  • Avatar for supersteveme
  • Avatar for rockandrolljoe
    Love's got a hold on me.
  • Avatar for groupin6070
    This song takes u back to when it was easy to fall n- love. And ooooooh the members.
  • Avatar for r-iman
    I fooled around and fell in love also;)


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