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  • Avatar for Helish_Wolf
    Действительно хорошая песня.
  • Avatar for hauzzer
    Terrible song.
  • Avatar for Shadow19231
  • Avatar for TheXeroDynamic
    this is great
  • Avatar for Kileal
    This is the song that got me into Elvenking. I love it
  • Avatar for johnror
  • Avatar for canbreaker
  • Avatar for _tourniquet
    I like it!
  • Avatar for Imek
    Too damn catchy
  • Avatar for dufundo
    Like this.
  • Avatar for metalwarrior777
    I like this melody!
  • Avatar for Elterlin
    I love it. Great song. ^^
  • Avatar for icamefortits
    Buy BUy BUY from last fm artist it's fun!
  • Avatar for icamefortits
    This is'nt limewire in descise is it
  • Avatar for Evertonmoretto
    Ótima música !!!!
  • Avatar for Jingo75
  • Avatar for Scarlingld50
    Love it.
  • Avatar for ravaging0
  • Avatar for ycj110119
  • Avatar for eecadence
    Very nice!
  • Avatar for Doorfs
    Great song :-)
  • Avatar for Enazuzarb
    This doesn't even qualify to their top10 tracks. Singalotbility aside, the chorus is lame. Come on people, listen more to masterpieces like Pagan Purity, Pathfinders, The Wanderer, and Hob's Tale!
  • Avatar for hexenmaedchen
  • Avatar for Clinoppe
    great song.
  • Avatar for elig66
    awesome ;)
  • Avatar for Victory000
  • Avatar for -sakils
    great melody :D
  • Avatar for viani24
  • Avatar for drop_packet
    nive song
  • Avatar for Amber-Evil
    nice.. ^..^
  • Avatar for Tomi1818
    it's a fantasy:D
  • Avatar for BW_wolf
    jajaja check out my new picture!!!
  • Avatar for Nightsworn666
    Pretty good. Like the intro a lot. Awesome vocals.Epic Song Guitar solo mental fast. And then the key change at the end making it even more epic. LOVE THIS SONG.
  • Avatar for Fetax
  • Avatar for mopedimies
    THIS IS SUPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for Zury12
    GREAT SONG! :) PS: carlos_galvan: you are emo-gay! ;)
  • Avatar for dundergurra
    I LOVE IT!!!
  • Avatar for XhammerbabeX
    Great Song! Can´t get this wonderful melody out of my head..... @ carlos: this is just emotional power metal, it has nothig to do with emo!!!
  • Avatar for carlos_galvan
  • Avatar for MidnightClub
    love love LOVE this song!
  • Avatar for Darkindy
    My fav song from Elvenking
  • Avatar for CladinS
    Man, that is a really cool song. And I tend to like darker and heavier stuff recently. But this is very nice. Thumbs up, all of them.
  • Avatar for Kroya
    wonderful <3
  • Avatar for Amonamarther
    Hell Crap F**k This Song Makes Shivers Run Down On Me
  • Avatar for blueapple007
    I love that melodie!
  • Avatar for Atoqwaman
    q copado!! ^^
  • Avatar for andrei_foldes
    i gets me here:)
  • Avatar for sine_ira
    It's nice, it's fine, it's melodic - shit, how I hate this song!
  • Avatar for brasilkeeng
    i agree, not like MCR, this is a good song
  • Avatar for RZephyr07
    Jesus christ this is nothing like My Chemical Romance, seriously haters shut up or at least make a valid point.


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