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  • Avatar for HammerHeart13
    favourite Eluveitie song :D
  • Avatar for ccorpion666
    calling the rain!
  • Avatar for Nafister
    Awesome song !!
  • Avatar for elvenjustice
    Glorious intro
  • Avatar for Gravy95
    This song is so beautiful. It has the ability to put me in the best mood or to do some deep introspection or just overwhelm me with emotion
  • Avatar for ClaireDellamore
    goosebumps every single time
  • Avatar for Boneshock27
  • Avatar for Razielhim
    @ graf3m3: I second absolutely.
  • Avatar for GraveReaper
  • Avatar for jlafitte
    Hahahaha. they sing in a dead language--gaulish. Not one of their fans could recognize a word of it. Super pretentious posers.
  • Avatar for Unf0rgiven2
    Simply awesome! The drums on the offbeat are a nice touch, something that I never really latched onto until this song.
  • Avatar for Drostanxxx
    the only way to listen to folk music! don't know what folk did before electricity was invented =D
  • Avatar for Chrome_Ada
    Flutes in metal Awesome! Drink ,dance naked in the rain and be happy!!! [2]
  • Avatar for LunaDreamer
    Amazing Song!!!!
  • Avatar for DarkMatter1975
    This is absolutley brillant i love it :)
  • Avatar for pagan70
    Flutes in metal Awesome! Drink ,dance naked in the rain and be happy!!!
  • Avatar for thclizard
    Metal with a flute; what a grand concept. Seriously sounds awesome! This tune rules.
  • Avatar for graf3m3
    This makes me wanna drink whiskey and kill zombie leprechauns with a shillelagh.
  • Avatar for akira139
  • Avatar for Evil_Lexie
    Makes me happy...
  • Avatar for stemon
    killer track
  • Avatar for GraveReaper
    love it
  • Avatar for metaltyrant80
    Absolutely amazing tune
  • Avatar for GraveReaper
  • Avatar for JPeregrine
    This band just frikkin' blow my mind....
  • Avatar for DEgIT
    best song in the album...
  • Avatar for HolyandFallen
  • Avatar for Amber-Evil
    Thumbs up! ^..^
  • Avatar for emppu95
    SHIT!! IT WORKS!! STORM HAS CAME!! [3] Yeah, it really worked the first time I heard it!! :P
  • Avatar for Hedari
  • Avatar for ValTheJester
  • Avatar for PoisonOath
    correction, The best folk artists out there.
  • Avatar for SUSAZK80
    One word : great :-)
  • Avatar for Euphuzade
    One of the best folk artist out there
  • Avatar for Sonster
    Awesome! [2]
  • Avatar for Trettende
  • Avatar for SnowyReaper
    flawless album
  • Avatar for BigD-idgaf
    so good
  • Avatar for Hilfemann
    just so great ^.^ love that instrumental
  • Avatar for Kuregu
    Have to agree. Best song they've done so far.
  • Avatar for Confucide
    Great voice! Great instrumentral! Best of Eluveitie.
  • Avatar for Kattfan_93
  • Avatar for arashkh
  • Avatar for HauntedNorth
    The best track on Slania.
  • Avatar for slass-y
  • Avatar for adam-454
  • Avatar for FlameGhost
    Beautiful \m/
  • Avatar for Jan-Sch
    It's like calling the rain! Great Song! Great Band! Great Album! I'm so happy that i have the chance to see them live!
  • Avatar for oliver-gvl
    One of my favorite songs off the new album.

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