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  • Elton wrote the greatest ever songs - for all his faults, he is a genius
  • Go for a ride with Norma Jean!!!!!
  • Beautiful song. <3
  • Norma Jean >>> England's Rose
  • I always think of you when listen to this song. We will see each other one day, anh oi!
  • Million Dollar Piano?
  • love it
  • <3 <3
  • W O N D E R F U L !!!
  • One of the most beautiful songs ever written <3
  • Makes me cry. Every time.
  • Es erinnert an wehmütige Zeiten.
  • Could listen to this song always again. Elton your a great musician:)
  • Das Album Varius Artist ist Lionel Ritchi
  • Thrills me every time I heard this song ...
  • Great Job. Dedicated to Princess Diana.......<_>
  • she didn't exactly change the world, but MM is one of the world's biggest sex symbols, if you knew more about her tragic life you would like it even better. she certainly lived her life as a 'candle in the wind'..
  • Great song, but I have now Idea what special purpose MM had on Earth except her looks.
  • <3 classic
  • Absolutely amazing, Elton John, always and forever. RIP Diana & Marilyin, missed and respected by so many.
  • Mooi nummer!
  • Gänsehaut-pur Super tolles Lied--- Marilyn und DIANA ..... Nie vergessen......
  • Oppressotron i'm a pretty big elton john fan myself and i actually feel the same way you do.i like this one alright but if you look through my playlist i have many other EJ tunes over this.
  • The piano is awesome in a very subtle way! :)
  • toller song
  • I sit in the small, minute minority of Sir Elton fans who don't really find this song all that fantastic. I know, "What the hell are you thinking Oppy?!?!?!?" I guess, I'm more of the country-western-cum-hardrock Elton John fan. Give me "Have mercy on the criminal" or "madman across the water" (8:00 min version) over this anytime.
  • Sorry if i upset you fiona-stewart,but i got sick to the back teeth whren she died of everyone talking about her as though she was their best friend-when in truth she was anything but.Yes,she was a mother,and the boys must have been devastated-but i am entitled to my opinion,just as you are.
  • a very touching song , every time i hear it it brings tears in my eyes .. i admired Marilyn and Diana ,. both great woman,. who died on a to early age !!!
  • This was written about a true princess,not an opportunity-grabbing sloane ranger who was as false as they come.This was about the beautiful Marilyn Monroe.Look her up jameschilcott32-i guarantee you will be impressed.
  • <3
  • A very lovely song, when Diana died!! SHE was so lovely!!
  • The ONLY version of this song that should ever be played.God bless you,Norma Jean.
  • Great song ! Brings back memories.
  • A very, very wonderful song
  • lEGENDS, AND CANDLES never burn out, it's the flame that keeps me going and legends going. Again lady good stuff i thought people forgot aobut this! classic
  • RIP Marilyn.
  • schöner Song
  • Beautiful song. Pablo is right though. The original song is about Marilyn Monroe. In 1997 Elton recorded a version for Diana and to avoid confusion "1997" is usually appended to the title of that one.
  • this song has nothing to do with diana, it's about marilyn monroe.........the song about Lady Di is called "Candle in the wind 1997" get your damn tags right :
  • I get angry everytime I hear this song. I remeber the stupid death of Princess Diana.. makes me sad
  • This version,was the favorit from Princess Diana", for her written Elton , other worlds, great" song"
  • For those posting RIP Marilyn, this version was written about Princess Diana. RIP Princess :*(
  • RIP Marilyn. [2]
  • Great track from an even greater album.
  • such a heartful song, so much reminds me of the lovely princess diana.
  • LOVE
  • I have to agree with a comment a few below me. I never realized his genius until recently. What a songwriter! I'm glad this is the original, I feel like I more often hear the remakes.
  • First concert I ever attended was Goodbye Yellow Brick Road tour, man did he put on a show :)


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