• Xnoizz Flevo Festival

    30 Aug 2007, 18:40 by Noise_Memories

    Thu 16 Aug – Xnoizz Flevo Festival

    Here is a review about Xnoizz Flevo Festival, a christian festival in the Netherlands of 4 days.

    I don't understand why nobody wrote a review about Flevo yet. It's two weeks ago now, but I still think it was so great. The fun started at Thursday. The first band we saw was This Beautiful Republic. They were better than I expected, my sister and I even got to interview them on the radio (on Friday). That was really cool! Superhero sounded really mellow overall, with a few more energetic songs. Disciple were the first band on Mainstage, and I think they totally rocked. But this was only the beginning of the night. This Thursday night, first day of Flevo, there was a Metal Night. I couldn't miss that, of course. Crimson Moonlight started with their black/death metal. They were really good, but the sound wasn't that good. When I could recognise a song, it was already finished. Stupid sound. Too bad, because melodeath metalband Taketh had the same problem. …