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  • Avatar for JacobWasHere
    100% the worst song he ever wrote (but they're all amazing) it really ruins the flow between waltz #1 and oh well, okay
  • Avatar for SpankThru23
    fuck, this is the best song of the album.
  • Avatar for SpankThru23
    I too don't understand the hate people give this song, it's unfair.
  • Avatar for randyalbanesest
    Totally hep.
  • Avatar for MissBellaHell
    This song is wonderful. Get the fuck into it, people.
  • Avatar for xplaceholder
  • Avatar for pukhli
    I'm a neon sign and I stay open all the time. Got me at first listen.
  • Avatar for SuperNautica
    Elliott was The Man. He wrote all the songs, played all the instruments...a creative supernova.
  • Avatar for patrick1492
    Not out of place, but sounds like something REM would do between Automatic for the people and Monster.
  • Avatar for elfonzobonzo
    Fookin Awsome!!!
  • Avatar for Billo007x
    I love Amity, what's with all the hate?
  • Avatar for m6929
    you idiots, "out of place", indeed! .................prat!
  • Avatar for mrcvgn182
    a bit out of place indeed, especially after Waltz #1.
  • Avatar for Adrian347
    This sounds a bit out of place on XO. It would fit better on From a Basement... I think, it's got that big sound to it.
  • Avatar for SaveFigure8
    Help save Elliott Smith's Figure 8 Memorial Wall in Silverlake!!/pages/Save-The-Elliott-Smith-Wall/131626666853653 Any and all support is much appreciated, spread the word to all of Smith's Fans.
  • Avatar for opethfaneternal
    How can so many people dislike a song with so many delicious guitar hooks? And to Unlovely, there isn't a "worst song" on XO, they are all perfect.
  • Avatar for PythonRiot
    this song is amazing; i guess people are hating because the lyrics are a departure from his normal fare but i personally love it - it sounds so raw, the whole thing does...
  • Avatar for RReneeElizabeth
    God don't make no junk but it's plain to see, he still made me.(2) Killer line!
  • Avatar for maddiejewell
    Not my style.
  • Avatar for Plaumtothashizz
    at one point he says "L-O-L oh"
  • Avatar for LieItsTheTruth
    everything Elliott does is magical.... end of story
  • Avatar for sarahfasano
    @88kickinkeys, you basically just stated the complete opposite of the truth.
  • Avatar for johnnybezak
    Worst Elliott Smith song.
  • Avatar for Ziggy-Dust
    God don't make no junk but it's plain to see, he still made me. ;(
  • Avatar for Sosooo989
    If i were choclate, I would melt everytime i hear his voice.
  • Avatar for MikeBercaw
    Elliott a genius...plain and simple...I still remember exactly where I was when I heard he died...awful day.
  • Avatar for fuzzy_bird
    i love this song.
  • Avatar for AnEndingAscent
    "its plain to see he still made me"
  • Avatar for Plaumtothashizz
    mmmf not worst, least good. amityamityamityamity part isn't all that good, but a pretty sweet song nonetheless.
  • Avatar for unlovely
    worst song on xo, yupp.
  • Avatar for zerline
    love him!
  • Avatar for djnonplus
    i'm not sure what you mean by overrated. I think its his most consistent album. Nearly every song is a gem.
  • Avatar for Interkulturell
    Got some records of him
  • Avatar for delmiroph
    good ^^
  • Avatar for snydev1955
    Amity, as you know, means friendship -Mayor in film Jaws
  • Avatar for YEMinaJar
    Admittedly the amityamityamityamityamity part was an immediate turn off. But the rest of the song is pretty great.
  • Avatar for psychochick3339
    Definitely underrated. God don't make no junk, but it's plain to see he still made me, he told me so.
  • Avatar for TomH86
    so underrated!! I was one of those foolish enough to discredit this beaut! Its awesome...' GOOD TO GOOO- OOO!! '
  • Avatar for sifelltneytandi
    Yeah, I agree. I've heard lots of people trash this song (some calling it the only skippable one in Elliott's library). I disagree. It's fun.
  • Avatar for andyisdead
  • Avatar for sifelltneytandi
    Fucking great song. Not much else to say about it.

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