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There are at least 4 artists with the name Elliot:

1. An american rock band
2. An experimental hip-hop producer
3. Thrash Metal band from Russia (Magnitogorsk).
4. A Swedish bedroom pop arists

1) Elliot is a five-piece rock band from the Pacific Northwest playing energetic, acoustic and melodic rock with a heart for social justice. With smooth, pop-influenced vocals, wide open electric guitars, rhythm pianos and soaring harmonies, Elliot's sound is modern and tasteful.

Michael Summers, Casey Parnell, Corey Parnell and Nathan Walker were the founding members of what would later become Elliot. Performing in the Pacific Northwest under the name, 'Go For Broke', the band quickly grew in popularity, opening for such acts as Tait in packed arenas from 2003-2004. The band played their last show as Go For Broke in 2004 at the Les Schwab Ampitheater in Bend, OR, shortly after the release of their second full-length album, 'Death of a Rockstar'. Shortly after the album's completion, Nathan Walker left the band to pursue other musical interests.

Evan Earwicker and Timothy Heil joined the group in 2007 and in November, 2008, Elliot produced and released their debut album, 'Rocketships'. The album was recorded and engineered in Boise, Idaho under the direction of Telly award winning engineer Scott Pergande. The album was mastered in Nashville, Tennessee by five-time Grammy award winning engineer, Richard Dodd.

Elliot's latest offering, Rocketships, is an exploration of both pop and rock themes.

Their lyrics explore matters of faith and doubt, justice and injustice, the broken and the whole. The group's lead vocalist is Corey Parnell, who describes Elliot's music as both inspiring and challenging to listeners.

3) "Elliot" was founded in November 2008 in Magnitogorsk, Russian Federation.

Youtube Stream: http://www.youtube.com/DidAL91
Oficial Page in VK.COM: http://vk.com/elliotthrash

4) "I was sitting in my disgusting bachelor frog pad and got blown off by some teeny back-and-forth-text-me-later-mamacita and I channeled like 4 months of sexual frustration into a crackled white guy Smokey Robinson-song.”

Elliot is the brainchild of beer corpulent and modest twenty-two year old Swede Ellioth Axelsson. Based in Stockholm, he self admittedly "bedroom produces" earworms that are not conventionally pop.

Elliot is predominantly a lo-fi solo artist, producing his own version of music resembling art rock of days gone by. His writing ironizes and dissects music, but also shows great affection for the form Elliot takes his influences for art from more than just music and peers.

New single Make Love To Me is a typical example of what is to come from this project. Influenced heavily by the Los Angeles experimental pop scene including Ariel Pink, John Maus and French singer SoKo.

The song is heavily hypnotizing, bordering on lo-fi psychedelic pop music and resembles the works of Panda Bear, Deer Hunter and even Animal Collective’s experimentation.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/elliotmusicguy
Icons Creating Evil Art (www.icea.se)

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