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Elektrik Bones first started in Montreal in 2002 around founder drummer and percussionist Francois “Frank” Chauvette and have gone through many changes and mutations before becoming the strong pop-rock machine that they are now. Elektrik Bones reached it’s final incarnation in 2007, after Frank met singer and multi-instrumentalist Pierre-Philippe “Pilou” Côté. The two hit it off immediately and decided to create a music in which they could both express their strengths: the voice and rock spirit of Pilou mixed with the groove and pop affinity of Frank. “In less than a week, we demoed seven or eight songs. We recorded them with Frank on drums and myself doing all the guitars, bass, vocals and keyboards. We got really excited; we felt we had something good and strong. It was like a new beginning for the band,” explains Pilou, who lately has been heard singing for DJ Champion.

These two experimented musicians created a catchy and heart-stopping pop-rock who caught the attention of some of the most influential people in the music biz. The results were quick to come as both musicians saw some of their songs being chosen in video games, ads and televisions series, all of which before their first album was out. Not bad you might think. That’s right. That’s what happens when you get real creative and talented musicians collaborating together. These guys are not newcomers on the Quebec music scene. Their names have been associated with Yann Perreau, Marie-Jo Therio, Dobacaracol, Ariane Moffat, Jorane, Antoine Gratton, Elisapie Isaac, Catherine Major and Navet Confit, just to name a few.

Accomplished musicians and brothers Renaud and Gabriel Gratton complete Elektrik Bones on keyboards and bass. “These guys are awesome musicians, both have studied. They can pick any instruments and play any kind of music. Plus, they have great voices” said Pilou, not shy of a compliment “They are really pros!”

United, these four all-around musicians become a dynamic and solid formation who can rock effortlessly whatever they want to. They go from something more alternative and subtle to some hard rock charged with muscle and sweat, never falling over that sugary line. Their thing is mixing English pub-rock and North American studio work. You can hear the influences of both continents; it’s just the perfect balance.

For their first album, About Last Night, released in June 2010 on Montreal’s Go Musique label, the band decided to work with New York’s one and only Mark Plati. Yes, it is the same guy who worked with David Bowie, The Cure, Philip Glass, Louise Attaque, Rita Mitsouko and Alain Bashung. Frank Chauvette explains why they choose him. “Pilou and myself are both producers, we could have done it by ourselves, but we wanted to work with someone outside of the band, someone with experience and someone who could take Elektrik Bones music a lot further.” The results have so far been concluding.

Since it’s release, About Last Night has received praise and positive reviews by the public and the medias. The record is too cool and too good for Quebec only. The aspirations of the band are international and Frank is not ashamed of saying it. “We played everywhere in Quebec. We know every venue and every club. With Elektrik Bones, we want see the world, we want to tour everywhere, in every country. That’s why we chose to sing in English, so our music could travel as far as possible.”

Elektrik Bones is sexy and emotionally charged, it’s pop, it’s rock, it’s efficient, it’s now and it’s different from what you usually hear. They are ready to conquer, assuming their ambitions, but really, all they really want to do is give you an excuse to have a good time.


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