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  • tmrbf

    nicht schlecht, aber auch nicht überragend, Zorn wird m.E. total überbwertet !!!

    June 2014
  • realcyndre

    gr8 song

    January 2013
  • Tommytwo

    that ribot solo around 8:00 min sounds strange...

    January 2010
  • Tommytwo

    i love energetic fusion

    November 2009
  • jayvey

    I fucking love this.

    March 2009
  • Zajcik

    Stunning bass solo by Trevor Dunn.

    October 2007
  • Optium

    I've been listening to this song (the many different versions of it that I have) almost exclusively for over a month now. This is music at its finest.

    June 2007
  • Xhi


    January 2007
  • JamesLebowski

    Great song.What an intense atmosphere.:>

    September 2006