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Electric Light Orchestra

Sweet Talkin' Woman (3:47)


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  • fuck yeah
  • Sounds like Huey Lewis and the News borrowed a bit of this song in "Do You Believe In Love".
  • :-)
  • great ELO"", < 3, rock on""
  • Good "old "Birmingham" band.
  • jeff lynne is one of the few people in music history who just straight up 'gets it', so talented
  • WOW!!! Reading the posts below had me thinking I may have accidentally clicked on a Jerry Springer episode with his usual bevy of 'Sweet Talkin' Women'.
  • I gotta' get back to you...<3 oh yeah...:-)
  • :-)
  • ELO
  • oooooo
  • A food fight over this song? HAHAHA...We got some pretty tight folks here.
  • ...Einer der Besten!
  • :-)
  • Just adore ELO...................
  • Let's get back to th music on this thread: 'communication break-down all around' :)
  • Getting back to Good Music,, This is a Class Piece. :-)
  • Flippin' amazing :-)) Blooming Great !!
  • why do people leave a shout on this song and then delete it - if they do not like it etc etc - they should remove it from their library - liked your comment AJ (my beloved grandson) x
  • Thank you Jen for standing by me and our cousin - My last shout in Latin actually praised the song and band and therefore no childishness was used - no one complains when shouts are in another foreign language ! I actually got taught Latin at school (Fee paying school) and I took offense at being called an old woman with no good vision - I can not help if I only have sight in one eye now and that the Cancer may have returned and also disabled. . My Life is in God's hands . Also my cousin is an ill. man - so stop harassing him with messages to give me . I have seen these messages and shouts and have got them copied/pasted and will be putting them on my profile page if there is any more upsets. 2013 ! Mores the pity - I am glad I am on the road out and not the road in !!! And yes this song is FANTASTIC - LOVE IT and Sammy -you used to be a friend of mine. Take care
  • yes the intention of last fm was to listen to music & share our love for it, not to have people abuse and bully elderly people who are very ill and make up lies about them and then try and turn the tables on it at all by running to their clique to post more abuse - i will stand up for my family obviously but why stick up for what you haven't seen in private inbox messages !
  • magnus song, prodigiosus clamore, aliis verbis est braw cantu phantasticam cohortem eligo facere calicem tea - coniectatio unumquemque erit currerent ista transferre - (subridens)
  • Hahhahahaha It looks like we are all talking in our native tongue's Mine will puzzle you Donnchadh :-)
  • :-))
  • :-)
  • What a fuzz for only one word ...'' absobloodylutelyliciouslyfanfuckintastic ''... you call that disgustingly abusive ?.. this is 2013,.. and you are obviously not from this world ... hypocrisy is the vaseline of social intercourse ..one should examine oneself for a very long time before thinking of condemning others ... Hypocrisy : prejudice with a halo .. put that in your pipe and smoke it !!
  • @Christien67 :- Deleting your comments to other users and on song posts doesn't take away the fact that you were disgustingly abusive to other LFM Members - which for a "Lady" of your "Maturity" repulses me to be quite honest. As someone who feels swearing is used out of context way too often, to inject hurt & used in an upsetting form you can see why others take offence to it. I can understand you were trying to "emphasize your enjoyment of music", which is why we all use the site in the first place, but it lowers the tone and quite frankly lowers respect to you as a person by others. I would be ashamed if you were my relative speaking in such a profanic manner. It would be nice if everyone could just quit with the trolling and lose the kindergarten attitudes they seem to cling to when posting comments.
  • Hhahahahahahahhahaa :-)
  • Hahahaha Love that Last Shout.. Adjective.. I guess some of the People on LFM have a poor Command of English.. :-)
  • SOME PEOPLE LOVE TO SWEAR !! - IT IS JUST FANTASTIC without the adjective
  • :-)
  • Send me back too!
  • Never tire of this song or ELO!
  • Wayback Machine,please. Next stop,1978.
  • I think that is me :-))
  • :-)
  • ELO,perfekt!
  • great song
  • "Sweet Talkin' Woman" is a 1978 single by The Electric Light Orchestra from the LP Out of the Blue. Its original title was "Dead End Street", but it was changed during recording, perhaps to avoid confusion with a 1966 hit of the same title by The Kinks. Some words that survived from that version can be heard in the opening of the third verse, "I've been livin' on a dead end street http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sweet_Talkin%27_Woman
  • Not a bad cover!
  • @SmicTaguer: FIVE IRON FRENZY COVERS THIS?! *runs off to youtube*
  • Like a warm melodic bath. Timeless and quite quite brilliant.
  • That's me :-DD
  • einfach Perfekt...
  • classic
  • yeeeeeah
  • This song will never not be perfect. I've become so used to Five Iron Frenzy's version recently though that this one sounds strange to me. xD
  • Wish I could travel back in time and goto that concert again-sigh
  • Yes - ELO...at its best
  • my personal favorite... gotta get back to you


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