• 1978 Billboard Chart Top 40s

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    I never make mixes fast. I never do anything fast, except eat macaroni and cheese. But I especially don't make mixes fast. So when we got invited to Yoma's for dinner last night, and I wanted to bring something, and Victor said his favorite thing to get is music, I set out to make a cd in less than an hour. I'd never met him before. All I knew about him was that he's in a band, he likes Beatles-genre music among other things, his age is impossible to guess, and he hosts dinner parties every week with a mix of Japanese folk and foreigners. This is what I came up with:

    1) "Frozen Tongue"- The Non-Commissioned Officers
    Frozen Tongue
    2) "Darlin'"- The Beach Boys
    3) "Visit From the Dead Dog"- Ed Harcourt
    Visit From The Dead Dog
    4) "Stick With Me Baby"- Everly Brothers
    Stick With Me Baby
    5) "Heartbeats"- José Gonzales (the Knife cover)
    6) "Islands on the Coast"- Band of Horses