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Electric Light Orchestra

Fire on High (5:31)


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  • Супер, но недооценённая...
  • super song,klasse.
  • I can see Jim McKay on the stage now playing a violin!
  • There wasn't an individual sports team, but ABC had it as the theme song to Wide World of Sports in the late 70's/early 80's.
  • I loved when you played it backwards on the album. "Don't look back".
  • I'm surprised no professional sports team didn't adopt this as their pregame signature song like the Chicago Bulls with Alan Parson's Sirius. It is a bit longer though...........
  • this song has a spirit
  • Used to be played before rush hour traffic on Fridays. Great way to ramp up the weekend
  • Such a spectacular track in so many ways. All around masterpiece. (2)
  • As a kid in the eighties i heard this quite often while watching sports on television not knowing who did the music and ironically i already owned an ELO 45 single Don't Bring Me Down
  • Braydon, Baca, and Slash: "Baker has a Deathwish"
  • I have loved this since I was a kid.
  • Brilliant. My favorite ELO track.
  • @ PartySanCTG I guess your ears must be filled with wax...
  • great "running" track.
  • Every minute of this is a masterpiece. Required listening for roadtrips.
  • Such a spectacular track in so many ways. All around masterpiece.
  • i love specially the drums on this tune
  • this is real ELO
  • A great classical tune. Who says you can't use string instruments in rock.
  • brill
  • Time is not reversible.For heaven's sake spend as much of it as possible listening to ELO.That is Dr Dave's diagnosis for a happy life.
  • kcab nrut ,kcab nrut ,kcab nrut ,kcab nruT ton si emit tuB elbisrever si cisum ehT
  • Turn back turn back
  • one of my favorite bands ever.don't bring me down was my first 45 record back in 1980.
  • This is an instrumental, but there are some lyrics in the intro that were recorded backwards (backmasking). When played backwards, it says: "The music is reversible, but time is not! Turn back, turn back, turn back." http://www.songfacts.com/detail.php?id=4388
  • This COULD have been the intro to A CLOCKWORK ORANGE...
  • You can always tell ELO when the song starts.
  • adorable music. and, Best fucking intro!!!! [3]
  • Best fucking intro!!!! [3]
  • Best fucking intro!!!! [2]
  • What an intricate variation for E.L.O.Very clever.....Very elevating....
  • I just LOVE the intro!!!
  • Best fucking intro!!!!
  • The opening with the reversed lyrics used to scare the shit out of me in the dark as a kid....but I loved it. It sounded like demons from hell were coming out from under my bed.
  • What a way to open an album!!First time i heard this,my head almost exploded!!
  • still good!
  • the definition of progressive.
  • timeless
  • Probably one of the best Progressive Rock songs I've ever heard.
  • great violin and strings on this one! Loved this as the theme to the "CBS Sports Spectacular"
  • Forward or backwards, once this song gets rolling drummer Bev Bevan really showed he can play.
  • I played it backwards over and over when I was younger and ruined the album
  • I always think of Prometheus giving the gift of fire when I hear this song
  • Fucking great !!! [2]
  • Gänsehaut...
  • Fucking great !!!


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