• History/Nostalgia

    Set 11 2006, 20h48 por marshee

    The last 2 days I've had iTunes on shuffle despite recently adding over 100 new songs (which I would usually listen to death immediately).

    I don't often use shuffle, as I have so many styles of music that I'm often not in the mood for some of the stuff my player throws at me, so I've been channeling out all of the really heavy metal which I never listen to anyway. Well, listening to it, along with the usual high doses of Muse, Mando Diao and Placebo (due to amount of music I have from these artists) I got alot of stuff I don't listen to anymore like Shania Twain, Europe, The Rasmus and ABBA.

    this is causing me alot of nostalgia for the music I listened to about 5 years ago, which includes Shania Twain, ABBA, Anastacia, Sash!, Celine Dion, Dido and one song that particularly stands out in my memory by Kate Winslet, and my very first CD by Natalie Imbruglia.

    I am no longer embarassed to admit to listening to these, and wonder if will still like any of it. …