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  • Avatar for changelingette
    obsessed with this <3
  • Avatar for Vasumitra79
  • Avatar for BennoTiger
  • Avatar for userabc123
  • Avatar for infiniti37s
  • Avatar for shawnjj
  • Avatar for MikeySchenker
    How I love this track...
  • Avatar for Da_booka
    Prefer the PSB Introspective version. But then again that whole album redefined the meaning of 'AWESOME'
  • Avatar for Herky1975
    hot voice .....
  • Avatar for Embryonicboy
    She looks so hot on that video! She was cute. Love the song. Classic PSB!
  • Avatar for SomeOtherGirl76
    PSB! That's why I know this song!
  • Avatar for duranies
    Pet Shop Boys' own version of the song was on 'Introspective"
  • Avatar for discmann
    Great Pop :-)
  • Avatar for themartialarts
    That is one of the best bridge sections ever written
  • Avatar for CyberKatt
    wonderful dreamy dance track....makes me "home-sick" for the 80's...ah well at least the memories live on in the music...
  • Avatar for sidstef
    bom achar este site,me recordo é bom d +.
  • Avatar for sugardaddie
    amazing song
  • Avatar for Grunebar
    ... and I'm beamed back to the 80ies...
  • Avatar for otzek
    When did -Pet Shop boys - this song ???
  • Avatar for rikrijean
  • Avatar for SimondFaxdacat
    good version but I like Neil's voice better.
  • Avatar for baljrg
    great song
  • Avatar for TomCroom
    Hey! That's the hot chick from Lethal Weapon 2. WIN.
  • Avatar for mrbester
    Prefer this version to Pet Shop Boys one (even though they [obviously] wrote it). Must be something to do with preferring Patsy over Neil...
  • Avatar for kiteo
    Makes shallowness an art form.
  • Avatar for jomabbs
    I'm back in the 80's.......... Iloved this one so much.
  • Avatar for dsmdl
    still remember my school days in 80's - this song was the hit!)
  • Avatar for maggiegus
    kinda nice sound :)
  • Avatar for lovejoy7777777
    quite different sound in comarison with Pet Shop Boys.Dut I love the both versions
  • Avatar for vspeedoflight
    を *.* を *.* を *.* を *.* を *.*を *.*を *.* を *.* を *.* を
  • Avatar for Motorjacht
    good song
  • Avatar for legrecdimitri
    i love it!!!!
  • Avatar for burness30
    Very nostalgic song, time of teenage fun. World was a different place then, hearing this makes me quite long for my youth.
  • Avatar for slippymusic
    Gormless trout pouts have never been so sexy.... I would.
  • Avatar for Ellivira
    das waren noch zeiten
  • Avatar for daddykplay
    is that normal to drool at patsy lmao
  • Avatar for slippymusic
    Still love it. Cheesy as hell but very '80s.
  • Avatar for brasshande
    Nice enough song, but not really anywhere near as good as Pet Shop Boys' own version of it......
  • Avatar for crocy2
  • Avatar for speedking1956
    den sound der pet-shop boys hört man hier
  • Avatar for flashjunky
    Really though, what is Patsy Kensit famous for? Apart from being Patsy Kensit...
  • Avatar for MightyShane2
  • Avatar for fergustobin
    It's alreet
  • Avatar for dogmansuede
    incredible, patsy! have never recovered from this spectacular little ditty.
  • Avatar for Da_booka
    She'd still have to beg. Cracking ditty though.
  • Avatar for Herky1975
    mysterie gut.
  • Avatar for annateffka
    super song
  • Avatar for colin1972
    Great song!!
  • Avatar for music4times
    Ahead of its time.
  • Avatar for margaretta13


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