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  • Avatar for VeXXXatus
    "K-Pax" - beautiful movie and beautiful soundtrack...
  • Avatar for HerFadingSmile
    any similar music to phone call ?
  • Avatar for HerFadingSmile
    phone call (cruel intentions) ... how is this even possible to compose such a beautiful melody ? it makes me sad... it makes me happy... it's a rollercoaster of different emotions. I can't even find the right words.
  • Avatar for porcupanda
    I love K-Pax. Beautiful soundtrack.
  • Avatar for still_dreamin
    hello! could you vote here:,+Ed+%5BComposer%5D to change this long and fake name into just "Edward Shearmur"? It'd mean a lot to me - I like all my scrobbles look nice :) (who doesn't?)
  • Avatar for Clackers
    [album artist=Edward shearmur]the count of monte cristo[/album]
  • Avatar for Fannavel
    K-PAX music is so peaceful <3 [4]
  • Avatar for a_s_kor
    K-PAX music is so peaceful <3 [3]
  • Avatar for DrKKE
    K-PAX music is so peaceful <3 [2]
  • Avatar for ladyesther
    K-PAX music is so peaceful <3
  • Avatar for Synesthesis
    Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow sounds brilliant !
  • Avatar for besogvenetadze
    Bluebird.. : >
  • Avatar for KeySi_Red
    cruel intentions <3 [3]
  • Avatar for AddictedToHer
    PHONE CALL... his best work.
  • Avatar for thxualot
    July 27th
  • Avatar for slonoedov
    однажды мы все улетим отсюда
  • Avatar for spirituoso
    K-Pax - masterpiece!He's a musical genius.Absolutely brilliant.
  • Avatar for QueerBeggar
    cruel intentions <3 [2]
  • Avatar for 2Mio
  • Avatar for frokka
    If anyone knows of a full release of Derailed, please post.
  • Avatar for syller_hunter
    Grand Central o yeee !
  • Avatar for inexpression
  • Avatar for MAROON3D
    K-Pax <3
  • Avatar for Pepov18
    Music from K-PAX <3
  • Avatar for nrth
    Amaurosis can you give some exact times and song names?
  • Avatar for Amaurosis1
    This may seem like a very stupid question but one I am nonetheless desperate to ask - could anyone specifically identify the style of music that Edward Shearmur uses frequently throughout this soundtrack. It is the same style of acoustic guitar playing used in the beginning of opening titles - a kind of melancholic, atmospheric and mournful style of simple acoustic plucking, obviously derived from american folk music. I ask this question because its a style I often hear being used in soundtracks (very fitting usually) yet I can't seem to identify the style so that I can track down some artists. I have come across the terms Bluegrass and Americana but this a very loose terms that seem to only vaguely relate to the style I am trying to identify! If anyone could help I would be very grateful!! thanks
  • Avatar for katt-om-natten
    thank you child ,from the skeleton key...nice
  • Avatar for Rapha_rsd92
  • Avatar for MCLaim
  • Avatar for santibrit
    cruel intentions <3
  • Avatar for SeveralPeople
    i think hes an alien
  • Avatar for nrth
    K-Pax OST is a work of pure genius
  • Avatar for cooba05
    <3 po prostu.. ost z k-pax'a miecie. moj ulubiony film.
  • Avatar for mrfeathers51
    K-PAX was the first movie that I ever walked out of knowing it was something incredible, and the soundtrack that Edward Shearmur provided for it only increased its potency and a great film. Fantastic.
  • Avatar for ldabek
    Póki co przesłuchałem tylko OST z K-PAX. Znakomita kompozycja, idealnie pasuje do filmu... Zobaczymy jak z resztą twórczości Pana Edwarda :)
  • Avatar for Dj-Esi
    grand central <3
  • Avatar for Gullimont
    Love the End Titles for Passengers.
  • Avatar for edbrown66
  • Avatar for Mrodnim
    Awesome sounds. Great movie. Genius :)
  • Avatar for Wolny2009
    :) Ed is 10 % of my time ;]
  • Avatar for Wolny2009
    anybody knows music or band similar to k-pax soundtrack?
  • Avatar for SylwuchaPL
  • Avatar for Aidanna
    k-pax is the most beautiful film I've ever seen. Also the trylogy is great
  • Avatar for NicoGuzzi
    Hi guys, maybe you like some songs of my album "Instrumental love and disasters" If you like add in your library ;)
  • Avatar for poisson_
    although i was lukewarm about the movie,the skeleton key, i found the soundtrack amazing and evocative,very representative of the subject and the mood of the film.the conjure of sacrifice is art- the piece sums up the movie,taking you where your eyes might not.
  • Avatar for amrhassan
    i'm watching it right now. still as beautiful as ever..
  • Avatar for Ninas_creep
    just watched k-pax after really really long time....beautiful movie and music the same:)
  • Avatar for MakraucheniaZ
    K-Pax <3
  • Avatar for CovinS
    Really, in reality, is there ANYTHING remotely similar?
  • Avatar for OlaF64ru
    Very good music, very good! The K-PAX soundtrack is great!


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