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  • Avatar for majo334
    it seems i liked Here a little more.
  • Avatar for xJake_Guitarx
    I think their new album is their best they've done so far. I love every song and don't have to skip any of them, (that's sometimes rare for me) it's just so uplifting, spiritual and amazing. Way better than their last album for sure, they really outdid them selves on this one, for sure.
  • Avatar for Ferliblazzer
    Better Day... <3
  • Avatar for EASY3301
  • Avatar for cabfedhig
    'remember to remember' is such a damn tearjerker; jade's (at least I think it's her) crooning breaks my heart
  • Avatar for GeorgeDrucsen
    Review: [url=]Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros – Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros[/url] [6/10]
  • Avatar for GunnarKMH
    @BlockJuice for fun homie
  • Avatar for biochip
    Best band I listened this year! <3
  • Avatar for thesleepycloud
    His solo work is thousands times better, yeah...
  • Avatar for James_Hartley
    Many feels for the new album.
  • Avatar for shootthem00n
    not feeling the new album at all
  • Avatar for biochip
    Great band! :)
  • Avatar for rustedembrace
    meh.. [2]
  • Avatar for Cassianokayan
    ♡ Remember To Remember ♡
  • Avatar for tcanofpee
    "on some tracks I do feel like I'm being unpleasantly preached to." Totally agree.
  • Avatar for cabfedhig
    ...but on some tracks I do feel like I'm being unpleasantly preached to. the seemingly relentless exertion of positivity amid bleakness is interesting though
  • Avatar for cabfedhig
    triumphant return
  • Avatar for ideaprison
  • Avatar for jett49
    the new album is perfect
  • Avatar for Cassianokayan
    Two ♡
  • Avatar for Cassianokayan
  • Avatar for IALISSON
    Alex Ebert, na verdade, parece-se com Jesus Cristo. wat
  • Avatar for MyxxxxxDSMBR
    Wow I love the new music. Reminds me a little of Dr. Dog. Very retro sounding!
  • Avatar for Gabriel3
    new album is out, anyone has a link?
  • Avatar for bentbyrne
    Cool band
  • Avatar for jesuiscronopia
    Música que alegra el alma. :)
  • Avatar for kramerfan86
    Better Days is very good, I was pleasantly surprised when I saw they were releasing another new album so soon after the great Here.
  • Avatar for Cassianokayan
    Better Days ♥
  • Avatar for brunowenzel
    legal demais
  • Avatar for Herb_Asher
    "This life" is just amazing. No more, no less.
  • Avatar for gotpsychedelic
    MUITO BOM! <3
  • Avatar for GabbsNunes
    Home <3 Música pra vida toda!!
  • Avatar for celestialzenith
  • Avatar for melperegrina
    Queridos ♥
  • Avatar for kubinho1
    Good evening, do you like this band? I recommend you my new mix at 8tracks. This is good way how to explore new music and I think my mix is full of great songs... Thank you for feedback to comments there....
  • Avatar for Cloud3
    new album in July, yey!!
  • Avatar for MusicxxAddicted
    c'mon, dance with me
  • Avatar for Cassianokayan
  • Avatar for muymechuda
  • Avatar for Amy884
    On the 30th of April they'll announce the release date and name of the new album! So excited!
  • Avatar for LegalPiracy
    Saw these guys in Phoenix last month... they're amazing live.
  • Avatar for Indyalanjones1
    This band make me happy
  • Avatar for BadMoonRising_
    they are simply the best thing that could've happened to me while trying to survive the longest winter ever, i'm in love they're radiant
  • Avatar for roannaroanna
    im in love
  • Avatar for yessicamiurim
    adorei a banda *-*
  • Avatar for night-songs
    i adore them <3
  • Avatar for kissesneverdie
    Can I be apart of the Magnetic family?
  • Avatar for ashleeeyyy88
    Reminds me of a modern day Grateful Dead <3
  • Avatar for JesperPopcorn
    Guys, if you like them. Check out some of their official music videos, interviews, live performances and videos from recording studios. This made me like them even more than I did. The energy in this band is just infinite.
  • Avatar for nandafm88
    Community brought me here. One more reason to love this show.


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