• A Mouthful of Gasps

    20 Jun 2010, 20:29 by Kaitju

    It's been a few months since the last acquisition entry and we're not talking about gold pressed latinum. And go take a shower if you knew what that meant.

    Where to begin... Maybe the actually new albums? Sure, let's do it.

    The Chaos is the new album by The Futureheads and it suits that name well. It's a mix of elements from their previous albums, sadly least of the second one. If This Is Not the World was a bit of a reprise of the self titled first album, the latest album is not that much about walking backwards. The single Heartbeat Song might have hinted for another dose of the same old but luckily that's only this song. The rest of the album is guaranteed futureheadiana but with enough new twists to have us hoping for another album after a few years. Also special thanks for the new fan club "The Hush Club" which is a great way to keep fans pampered.

    Band of Horses released a new album and to celebrate that I bought both Cease to Begin and the new Infinite Arms. Great music if maybe a bit unsurprising. …