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  • Avatar for Noliira
    And that's how the Playboy Mansion came to be. xD
  • Avatar for tygergurl72
    video cracks me up!
  • Avatar for Heidek91
    We never cry for pain, we`re superheroes...
  • Avatar for Shadow19231
  • Avatar for Karaouq16
    lol good song
  • Avatar for DonMatt447
    good one
  • Avatar for Smallmurmeli
  • Avatar for Campbell1961
    Great band.
  • Avatar for dP_thomy
    nice \m/
  • Avatar for danilo4991
  • Avatar for Luzeryus
  • Avatar for MTGGideon
    sounds live... but still a good one by them (not the best from Rocket Ride though, that has to go to either Sacrifice or Save Me)
  • Avatar for vinimattos
    ...Cry for love, we're superheroes... we are back where we belong...
  • Avatar for Shadowblade69
    We never cry for love, We're superheroes! [451468463] :D
  • Avatar for Christian_1995
    Maybe not the best song they have but its very good.
  • Avatar for shadowsun86
    corny song but i love it
  • Avatar for Evertonmoretto
    Muito bom!!!
  • Avatar for Szamot97
    Is that a live performance?
  • Avatar for BeIieve
    Unless you are Tobias Sammet...
  • Avatar for adrialeto
    metal is forever...
  • Avatar for KovbojMajkel
    Reminds me Bruce Dickinson.
  • Avatar for tophusker
    Strong The Poodles influence
  • Avatar for RockOn_
    One of the best Edguy songs ever. Stil, very simples ;D
  • Avatar for Justis_4_US
    is this a dub-over?
  • Avatar for GraveReaper
    me happy
  • Avatar for Terasebastian
    "We never cry for love, We're superheroes!" [451468462]
  • Avatar for Torako
    \m/ ._. \m/
  • Avatar for carlosflies
    "We never cry for love, We're superheroes!" [451468461] \m/_
  • Avatar for metalwarrior777
    "We never cry for love, We're superheroes!" Really? Whatever! Great Song!
  • Avatar for Kove
    Again, hahaha cool version
  • Avatar for Kove
    I'm listening to a live version, sound like Sammet was on drugs, but still pretty good
  • Avatar for saint_mArs
    Hell Yeah! I heard this on: -Bad @$$!!
  • Avatar for yuriskate
    I'm a superhero =P
  • Avatar for AlterFuckingEgo
    "We never cry for love, We're superheroes!" [6]
  • Avatar for BeIieve
    catchy as hell
  • Avatar for gillanfan
    love this song
  • Avatar for deathsoul33
    fucking great
  • Avatar for H0USE-MD
    "We never cry for love, We're superheroes!" [5]
  • Avatar for pancakesplease
    heh heh ! who wouldn't love this :)
  • Avatar for Neutralion
    I cried, but still love this song... <3
  • Avatar for PurpleHarlequin
    Awesome stadium rock song, like Livin' On a Prayer, I think it would be awesome live.
  • Avatar for sebadagostino
    This song is fucking great! The video is even better with all those bunnies! And do not forget live performances... they kick ass for sure \m/
  • Avatar for gibtaon76
    genialidad pura
  • Avatar for lcsjf
    "We never cry for love, We're superheroes!" [4]!
  • Avatar for heavymetal202
    "We never cry for love, We're superheroes!" [3]!
  • Avatar for colred
    we never cry for love, were eunuchs =]
  • Avatar for SUSAZK80
    yeah , is a very good song .
  • Avatar for Supercockroach
    pretty good song
  • Avatar for BurningRemnant
    It's hard rock dumbed down and still it works somehow. Anyway, old Edguy is much better
  • Avatar for SilverBarron
    Hard rock and that's pushing it.


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