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  • Avatar for RiffmasterRick
    This is a bit too cheesy. Cheese is a good thing, but as always there's a limit of how many of it is ok. Edenbridge are The Austrian Grandmasterz of Cheeze™. The next album should be called "Cheeze-a-geddon, an Eitrige und a 16er Blech"™. Y'all.
  • Avatar for tartainia
    Another faultless vocal performance from Sabine.
  • Avatar for MetalismRecords
    Russian female fronted Symphonic Power Metal band R-GENIUM is set to release their 2nd album "Wonderful Wonderful World" on May 30th, 2015
  • Avatar for Jucifer666
    Sabine's singing voice is so beatiful
  • Avatar for Jucifer666
    Very nice band, better than nightwish! \\,,/
  • Avatar for ahenathon
    Sabine Edelsbacher looks like the fruit of rape on Slavic beauty by Teuton barbarian and she is the only best thing about this band. Sorry lads.
  • Avatar for Darkvoid2100
    Really awesome band but they are never heard of! their music is actually really awesome, it's in the same genre as nightwish but they have their own sound. They don't have the same budget of nightwish or epica but they do an amazing job of it.
  • Avatar for lostineternity9
    <3 <3
  • Avatar for bloody72
    pozdrowienia ze Śląska dla fanów Edenbridge
  • Avatar for Piotr1981
    I wonder how come they are not better known... I remember starting threads about them on several metal fora but somehow these never came very far.
  • Avatar for Lionheartattack
    One of the bands you don't even remember how good they are until you put in the disc and push play! :D Those first two, three albums are something miraculously beautiful! *-* Purely awesome melodies, riffs, and I always like to say Sabine's vocals sound somehow "mysterious". :D Listening to these records makes me feel serene. Good thing there's this lighter version of Nightwish (Lightwish?) which is still completely different, with more simple but IMO even better songs. Just so beautiful! ^_^
  • Avatar for ElHuevas1428574
    ⌠↑ಠ_ಠ ←:D→ ಥ_ಥ↓⌡
  • Avatar for tsudduth24
    Shadows of My Memory <3
  • Avatar for Karaouq16
    a masterpiece
  • Avatar for Euphima
    Now this is symphonic metal perfected!
  • Avatar for DarkOmar07
    Hello Guys !! This is my band Eternus (Symphonic Metal from Chile with Male Opera Singer) Enjoy !! Help us please :( |m| This is our song "Nemesis of the Gods" // You can Free Download our album and more Info in =
  • Avatar for sberjaram
    I cannot believe how underrated this band is... This is one of the most amazing symphonic/female fronted metal bands I have ever listened!
  • Avatar for bonjovyborges
    Nao sei como nao conhecia essa banda até hj
  • Avatar for Russian_Wolf
    посредственно и вторично
  • Avatar for NoSoup4you22
    Shine and Arcana ruled... I kind of fell out of touch with their releases since then. How are the more recent albums?
  • Avatar for MusicMagic77
    Related material >> [url=]Missa Mercuria[/url] (Read the English wiki)
  • Avatar for hexman1965
    New Album 'The Bonding' is outstanding... Love it..
  • Avatar for Plummad
    So I did a review of The Bonding...
  • Avatar for rustandsoul
    My Earth Dream is such a powerful album!
  • Avatar for dBride
    great new album
  • Avatar for mattimek
    really good new album!
  • Avatar for Koimeterion
    The Bonding is the best song on the album.
  • Avatar for Novalis777
    The Bonding is good, but in my opinion not as good as Shine, My Earth Dream and The Grand Design.
  • Avatar for gustavopereti
    The Bonding is the best album of Edenbridge !!!
  • Avatar for IvanBernar
    THE BONDING, me gusto este álbum EDENBIDGE lo máximo..
  • Avatar for sgiol
    The Bonding is the best Edenbridge album! *.*
  • Avatar for MustBeDreaming1
    Meh, seems that Lanvall put all his talent into writing The Bonding (song, I mean), which is totally awesome, but he totally gave up on other songs from the album... Only Into A Sea Of Souls worth checking, all the rest is dull and forgettable...
  • Avatar for Inamanica
    "The Bonding" is really amazing!! I LOVE IT!!!!! *_*
  • Avatar for Sigoth
    the new album has no epic sound in all the choruses.
  • Avatar for Frostwake
    @Meat_Wolf - Give it more listens... I thought "The Bonding" (the song) was boring at first too... The only part that caught my attention was the calm one, but now Im in love with it and I think it might be their best song ever, its definitely a grower
  • Avatar for Dreamsomnia
    They seem to be developing from album to album (I still haven't listened to their last one though).
  • Avatar for Meat_Wolf
    The first half is marvellous, great instrumental section and charming singing os Sabine, especially on Into a Sea of Souls. Calm Mystic River and its solo, an unquestionable hit Alight a New Tomorrow, melodious A Star-Crossed Dreamer — all done right. Then it gets forgettable and mediocre, culminating in the annoying melody of Death Is Not the End and dull epic s/t track. Could have been better, still worth checking out. 6/10
  • Avatar for apocalypticaboy
    The bonding ♥
  • Avatar for RuiSanches
    This is how real symphonic metal is done. The whole album is amazing and mind-blowing. EPIC!!!!!!
  • Avatar for Frostwake
    That eastern melody on The Bonding at 9 minutes up to the solo aaaaahh... Might be their best moment ever, its so beautiful
  • Avatar for nDroae
    The Invisible Force <3
  • Avatar for sberjaram
    The Bondigs is a very good album, the orchestral parts in The Bonding and Mystic River are amazing lml/
  • Avatar for nDroae
    The Bonding album trailer:
  • Avatar for ILoveMPortal
    Great clip by [url=]Edenbridge[/url] on track: "[url=]Alight A New Tomorrow[/url]".
  • Avatar for DawLeoneEV
  • Avatar for nDroae
    [url=]Video for the new single, Alight a New Tomorrow[/url] :3
  • Avatar for octacat
    HEADS UP! - Edenbridge's new album- The Bonding is available for pre-order, list date of July 2.
  • Avatar for nDroae
    Hey there :) I guess they do have a similarly warm tone, but Lisa's voice is much softer. They're both uniquely wonderful, no one sounds like Lisa to me either. I don't like anything VoA's done except Trinity ;P
  • Avatar for adelinadarkstar
    Solitaire is a boring album.....I only listened to it once. Then I didn't like Visions of Atlantis latest album either. You know I always thought Sabine sounded kinda like Lisa from Xandria to the comment below. But maybe its just my ears.
  • Avatar for nDroae
    Yeah, I'm always trying to introduce people to symphonic metal too. If Edenbridge clone anything it's their own sound, and I'm not complaining :3 Solitaire wasn't interesting enough for me though, most songs lacked distinction. Katra doesn't sound like Sabine to me, though ironically Katra (on her first album) is the only vocalist I've ever thought sounded anything like post-Wishmaster Tarja. And Emmalise, you're a genius. Seriously, that's an amazing thought :)


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