• Overjoyed

    5 Dec 2011, 19:06 by fm014


    there’s not really an introduction for this week’s
    Last week in covers:
    > Hard-Fi : most of their new songs are still growing on me.
    > Hans Zimmer : we had a few stressy times at the office. That’s why Inception score was welcome.
    > Nickelback : the new album isn’t so bad after a few spins.
    > Hey Hey My My : re-visited their sound, but I remembered it differently.
    > Alice Cooper : there was a good review of his latest album. So I thought I should give it a try (the Ke$ha feature was just a bonus). I didn’t expect it to be so catchy.


    Most played artists:
    > Eddplant : yeah, another youtube related artist on my playlist. And with his latest release (an acoustic EP) he even made it to the top spot. I really like his voice. And I’ve seen him live. :-)
    > Tom Sinclair : oh, look who’s back again. …